News, Polls, and Updates& All That Other Good Stuff

Hey everyone! Superpotatosama here. I don’t really know what to put on this page so I guess I’ll ramble about random stuff, or post updates about polls and stuff.

@6/23/2017- currently just editing my previous posts to contain links to the next page for ease of reading. Sorry about the random notifications for those of yall that are following me or smthg~~

@6/14/2017- I have a new poll up in regards to my posting schedule, please check it out here->

@6/10/2017- Wow. It’s been a long time since I last updated this site. I’ve been pretty busy with college and a lot of other stuff (taking summer courses for 2 straight summers) but I’ve been trying to un-potato and squeeze some time out of my schedule to do what I love doing: reading and translating LNs. I couldn’t ever give up reading LNs so I have just been lurking these past few years hunting for good tidbits to read. I have decided to pick up Conquest really enjoying the story for the past hundred-plus chapters.

I would like to thank Novels Reborn for passing on the torch to me. Although I am a lonesome potato I will do my best to not let anyone down (or disappear :[ )

Disclaimer: The logo above is not mine, and something that I pulled off of Google. (google OP gg pls nerf Irelia)


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