Dragon Blooded War God Chapter 1- Dragon Shaped Jade Emblem(1/2)

So much apologies, I did promise to post this at least during the Memorial Day break, but unfortunately, throughout the translating process, I realized that this novel contained a lot more idioms and other stuff, and so my translating speed was a lot slower. Add that on to the fact that some of the descriptions are … unpalatable… Anyways, I didn’t manage to finish translating the entire chapter, but I wanted to turn out something at least before the long weekend is over, so I cut off the chapter about halfway through, and without further ado (and excuses) here it is!

Chapter 1 Part 1, Dragon Shaped Jade Emblem

Poplar Town.

In a room on the second floor of the Imperial Jade Tower, on Yang Chen’s lap sat a pair of coquettish young girls. At this point, Yang Chen whipped out a few silver bills, and slapped them on the table with proud smile on his face.

Once the two girls saw the bills, their eyes immediately shone, scrambled to shove their breasts on his arm, whilst softly smiling. “Master Yang, you are very generous…”

Just at this moment, the door suddenly slammed open. A servant rush to the young man’s side, mindless of the sweat, stooped next to the youth’s ear and said, “Young Master Chen, your father has passed away!”

The servant’s name was Xiao Huang, and is Yang Chen’s most trusted person, having been at his side for many years.

Yang Chen’s face suddenly went slack, only recovering after a long while, brushed off his sleeves, stood up, and left. The servant’s expression was downcast, but could not match up with the speed of Yang Chen’s footsteps.

While walking on the street, Yang Chen secretly thought:  “Although this devil of a father died in a drunken haze, 胜我十倍, but he was only forty years of age, it seemed like he could still live another ten years. How could he have suddenly kicked the bucket today?”

He increased his pace, and very quickly arrived in front of the dwelling of the Yang family.

Poplar Town had two families in power, known as the Bai family and the Yang family. The Yang family was in control of close to half of all of Poplar Town’s resources, and was the ruler of the town in all but name.

Usually, being born to such a family in general meant that one was quite fortunate. However, in Yang Chen’s case, this was not so.

During his youth, the Yang family founder’s was known as a great talent, his martial skill unfathomable, and in Poplar Town, he settle down and laid a remarkable foundation. The Yang family quickly flourished and expanded in size.

Yang Chen’s mother is one of the direct descendants and is the third eldest, with a great amount of talent known throughout Poplar Town. However, Yang Chen’s father was relegated to a superfluous position. Yang Chen does not know what his father was like when he was young, but as far back as he could recall, his father had drank and spent every single day  in a murky daze, abandoned in a crude cottage, sitting around waiting to die.

Because the father was so useless, the son was also implicated. And so, in this large family, Yang Chen was in a dispensable position. Needless to say, people gave him the cold shoulder, but even his own mother pretended to not know him (TN: literally says/ means not giving birth to him). As such, he grew up uninhibited and had an unrestrained disposition. With the aura of the Yang family, he got by with enough food and water (TN: not sure how to translate 混吃混喝, overall sentence is pretty awkward when translated), acted condescendingly and domineeringly, and in general led a pretty good life.

Ignoring the cold gazes from the guards on duty, Yang Chen entered the courtyard from the side door.

The Yang family courtyard was filled with buildings, beautiful flowers, fully displaying the elegance and history of the Yang family.

Across from him a few steps away were two people. The first was a cold, severe young man wearing an embroidered white robe. It was Yang Chen’s second uncle’s eldest son, his cousin Yang Zhan

Behind Yang Zhan stood a distantly relate cousin called Chen Liu. He had a wretched appearance, with a hunchback, and was looking at Yang Zhan with a face of admiration (TN: BL anyone? Though I wouldn’t fancy this pairing… nuh-uh)

When he arrived in front of Yang Chen, Yang Zhan suddenly blocked Yang Chen’s path.

“I hear that useless father of yours finally kicked the bucket.”

Yang Zhan ridiculed Yang Chen, his face full of mockery.

Yang Zhan had a decent amount of influence in Poplar Town, at the age of 17, he had already entered the realm of the fourth dragon pulse, and breaking through to the fourth pulse was an achievement worthy of praise.

Yang Chen, in comparison to the rest of the outstanding youths in the Yang family, was never considered to be in their class.

Ever since they were small, they have had access to innumerous amounts of resources, rare family training techniques, while Yang Chen had none of these.

His mother did not bother with him, and other people were even less likely to give him anything. He participated in an intra-family competition when he was young, and showed off his incredible speed, stunning the crowd and earning himself a period of fame. However, without access to the family’s techniques, coupled with his lack of training and discontent, he never managed to break through the boundary to get to the first dragon pulse.

He had practiced in secret, but without the techniques and guidance, improving a small step was difficult to the extreme.

“Why so silent? I said that your dad is a useless piece of trash- you don’t believe me?”

Standing in front of Yang Chen, Yang Zhan condescendingly looked down upon him with ridicule in his eyes. (TN: Actually translated it would be “joke” instead of ridicule, but I believe that ridicule fits the situation and character better.)

This kind of bullying, it’s not as if Yang Chen has never endured it before. Although Yang Chen is quite renowned outside, but once he returns to the Yang family, he is considered to be like a dog. He knows his own weight in the family, so he can endure and let things slide by. But today, perhaps it was because of his father’s death, but even though he was calm on the surface, his heart was extreme irritable.

“Get out of my way!”

He said coldly, raising his head to look at Yang Zhen, taking a deep breath.

“My dear brother, how can you speak your brother in such a manner, are you dissatisfied with me?  You do not learn anything, and even tarnish the Yang family name. As your brother, isn’t it a natural thing for me to discipline you a little bit?

Yang Zhan smiled as he said that. Not waiting for Yang Chen to reply, he threw a punch at Yang Chen’s stomach and left, sneering.

Yang Chen let out a pained cry and collapsed to the ground.

With Yang Zhan gone, Chen Liu immediately trotted after him. Upon passing, he turned and spat at the Yang Chen that laid on the ground, twitching. Yang Chen hurriedly dodged the spittle.

“Ah, so you managed to dodge? Cousin, your family’s mongrel is quite agile…”

After ridiculing Yang Chen a while more, Chen Liu then sped to keep pace with Yang Zhan.

The maids that were around were already accustomed and no longer surprised by this scene.

No one turned a sympathetic eye upon Yang Zhan, but instead frivolously walked away.

Yang Chen crawled up from the ground, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. Watching the departing backs of Yang Zhan and Chen Liu, his intelligent eyes smoldered with anger.

“Warrior, if I was a warrior, if I attained the level of dragon pulse, I will definitely get revenge!”

Yang Zhan, as well as you mongrel lackey Chen Liu, I will remember today’s humiliation. If I ever get the opportunity, I will make sure you deaths are not pleasant ones!”

So how was it? If you guys see any mistakes, or ways something can be translated/ worded better, please let me know and I will fix it immediately! Another thing is the naming of “Dragon Pulse” as a measure for the martial ability of people. Literally translated it means “Dragon Veins” but it doesn’t sound quite as impressive (to me at least) in translation. So I would like to request a favor from you all as my readers, whether or not it should be “Dragon Pulse”, “Dragon Vein”, or some name that doesn’t sound quite as much like a Pokemon move. I will add a poll later (as soon as I figure out how to). Thanks to everyone reading and have a great (albeit late) Memorial Day!


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