Dragon-Blooded War God Chapter 1- Dragon- Shaped Jade Emblem

So here is the second part of the chapter, since I didn’t manage to complete the rest yesterday. Funnily enough, there was a phrase that when I asked my parents, not even they knew. Huh. Anyways hopefully the future chapters won’t take as long for me to translate as I try to get into the rhythm of translating. And again, if any mistakes are found, please feel free to let me know and I’ll correct it immediately.

Chapter 1 (2/2)- Dragon Shaped Jade Emblem

He clenched his fist, and walked towards where his father lived.

These dozen years past, he had always remembered who humiliated him, and etched it in his heart. From the day that he gets a breakthrough, he will make sure they will never live in peace again.

This is a look of the real him, and also why in his circle of friends, the ones that were familiar with him called him, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a black hearted wolf.” (TN: It sounds better in Chinese e.o)

Yang Chen’s father was named Long Qinglan, and considered a very refined name. Word on the streets was there in his youth, he was a playboy, even the Yang family’s third madam (TN: as in third daughter of the head of the family) was ensnared.

Walking into the crude doorway, he came upon Long Qinglan, who was lying on the floor with a pitch-black complexion, surrounded by a gaggle of maidservants. The room stank with a putrid odor, the result of a combination of alcohol and urine.

“He’s here…”

Upon the arrival of Yang Chen, the maidservants hurriedly left, seemingly have completely their task.

Yang Chen’s gaze lingered on the collapsed body of Long Qianlan. This kind of end result, he had been able to foresee long ago.

He squatted down, looking at that pitch-black face.

“In the end, what kind of person are you? In these sixteen years, I feel like I have never understood you, and you were never willing to let me understand. The sad thing is, standing here today, I feel like we are absolute strangers. Old pops, old pops… it seems I am that legendary unfilial son, even when you pass away, I cannot even shed a tear.”

Originally he considered himself to be heartless, and yet currently, his heart unexpectedly held a trace of bitterness.

Lingering for a while longer, upon the sound of footsteps outside, Yang Chen regained his composure. A woman wearing a long pink dress with her hair tied up walk over, surrounded by a cluster of people. She glanced sideways at Long Qinglan’s corpse, and let out a sigh: “Although by bad luck, the worst has come to pass, Yang Chen, he is your father and because you share a common affection with him, you should find a place to bury him.”

When she finished speaking, she left straight away without giving Yang Chen a second glance.

Yang smiled, already accustomed to this, and looked at Long Qinglan mockingly, “Old pops, your looks can be considered to be very handsome, and during your youth, your name was spread far and wide, innumerous beauties bowed before your big pants. No would have ever expected that after your death, your woman would only come and barely glance at your dead body.

In his heart, he was dismal, yet he did not display it in his expression.

Yang Chen, disregarding what just occurred, carried Long QingLan’s dead body on his back, unmindful of the weird glances coming his way, and walked all the way out of the Yang residence. Calling a horse drawn carriage and personally acting as the coachman, he brought Long QingLan’s body out of town. He found a grove of trees that had an overall good environment, and then got off of the carriage, surveying the surroundings.

“The scenery here is quite beautiful, with the smells and sounds of nature, a perfect location for your resting place. Also the yin in the air is quite dense, I would imagine there would be many female spirits around. If you ever feel coquettish in the afterlife, and wish to get me a step-mother or two, then this location, with it’s beautiful scenery, is unrivaled should you decide to have your consummation. (TN: “颠鸾倒凤” is a Chinese metaphor for sexual intercourse)

“Whichever way you look at it, I am still your son, and half of blood and body I came from you. However, since you died so early, and my accomplishments so few, the best I can do is have you buried here. If you turn into a ghost with any ability, please give me your blessing so that I can continue to live.”

Whilst looking at Long Qinglan’s dim and lifeless face, he was startled to find a teardrop flow down his face.

Yang Chen hurriedly wiped away the tear, and without another word, began to dig a grave with his bare hands in the fertile soil.

Although he no longer hones his martial ability, but he still had a degree of talent. After all those years, despite not getting any outside help, he was still not left behind. Digging a big pit, to him was not a problem.

Just as he was preparing to bury Long QingLan, Long QingLan suddenly opened his eyes.

Yang Chen let out a frightened shout, and threw his father into the muddy pit. (TN: He actually shouts诈尸 but I’m not quite sure there’s an English translation for it. It’s basically a corpse that suddenly stands up to scare the living s**t out of people)

Looking at the person in the pit, Yang Chen’s mind was in a state of turmoil as he hesitantly said: “Old … old pops, I did not speak ill of you. The reason for which I dug this hole was merely to let you rest in peace…”

Long Qinglan flipped his body around, cursing: “Fuck, I swear to our ancestors, I have not yet fully died, and you already want to bury me. You little bastard, the reason why I came back to life was to tell you one thing. In my dantian, there’s a dragon shaped emblem. When I die, remove that jade emblem from my dantian, that way when I die, I can be complete free from this world…”

Also, a little thing to remember is that a person’s complexion usually signifies a person’s health. The darker the complexion (not talking about when someone is angry) or when their complexion is murky or something, it usually signifies that they are in bad health. In this case, pitch black complexion refers to the extreme- death.

Anyways, hoping for some fight scenes soon. I actually didn’t read that much ahead so I can’t say so for sure, but it’s always something to look forward to. Also I’m still in the process of sorting this site out, and I have no idea what anything does, so it will take a while x.x


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  1. Hey man, great job on starting to TL! I would offer to help you out, but I have a ton of work already on my plate (editing Kuang Shen, CCM and Zhan Long along with Finals and Subject tests coming up). So I just came around to encourage you to keep up the good work~!

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