Chapter 2 (1/2)- Long Chen

It’s been a hectic few days for me, so my apologies for the lack of updates. Among Asian parents, I think my parents can be considered in some respects to be probably the “Tiger Parents” of the legends (or not) and I’ve been filling up my schedule with more stuff. But anyways, I managed to translate a greater half of the second chapter today (~1.8k out of a total of ~2.9k) and I’ll be able to finish up by tomorrow. Whether or not this part was pulled out of my ass, I’ll leave it to you guys to decide ;oo. But all jokes aside, it should be up tomorrow.

Also another matter that I have discussed before is the matter of naming 龙脉. I have temporarily named it as Dragon Pulse, but I want to know your opinions, so I made a poll, which should close in about a week, but until then (or longer) I will keep using Dragon Pulse.

Chapter 2 (1/2)- Long Chen

After using a great deal of effort, Yang Chen finally managed to move Long Qinglan, and leaned him against a tree trunk.

“This old guy was simply faking his death!”

After observing for a while, after discovering that there was nothing wrong with his father at all, Yang Chen was so pissed he wanted to punch his father a few times.

Long Qinglan stared at him and said, “Don’t think that I survived, the reason why I am still here before you right now is because I need to tell you a few things. Now you listen to me carefully. If you miss a single thing, even when I become a ghost I’ll make sure that you are childless.”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes, before he never heard this guy talk, but he didn’t think that their manner of speech would be so similar, it must be the genes.

“Alright, I know there’s nothing wrong with you, I see you’re coming back to normal, if you have anything to say then hurry up and say it.” 1

Long Qinglan let out a chuckle and said, “From seeing you a few times in the past, it seems like your manner of speech is the same from when I was young, you little bastard. Then I’ll be brief, when I die, then first take out the dragon shaped jade emblem from my dantian.”

After hearing about this dragon shaped jade piece once again, Yang Chen stared at his father blankly, and said, “Old Pops, do you think that I’m an idiot? If your dantian truly had this jade emblem, then how are you perfectly fine right now?”

“Don’t give me that shit! How can you call this perfectly fine? When I was eighteen and came to Poplar Town, only your mother was my match in her generation, if not for that reason, then how could I get a beauty like your mother in my bed? However, ever since I got this jade, my Dragon Pulse Qi of the 8th level, in half a year, was entirely absorbed, and ever since was condemned to this wretched fate as a useless piece of trash!

Yang Chen never knew there was such a backstory. Seeing from his old man’s agitated way of speech, the story shouldn’t be false, however what kind of a dragon jade could this be, to be able to make qi disappear?

And more importantly, this old guy used to be a Dragon Pulse expert of the eighth level? This kind of achievement at such an early age, what are the implications?

According to legend, ancient dragon blood flows in human race, therefore, the nine blood vessels that flow through the body were known as dragon’s veins. When the material body is trained to the pinnacle, has integrated with both heaven and earth, and absorb the vigor, only then can they advance, transforming their qi into that of a dragon’s, and break through the 9th level to stand at the pinnacle of experts. This is why of the Dragon Pulse, there is a total of nine levels. 2

To Yang Chen’s knowledge, amongst Poplar Town’s strongest people, his cheap old grandfather, self-proclaimed a peerless master, was no more than an expert at the ninth level.

Ignoring Yang Chen’s skeptical expression, Long Qinglan continued seriously, “This first thing I have already clearly explained to you, the second thing is… change your name, from this day onwards, your name will be changed to Long Chen. Us Long family is the world’s greatest superpower, as the descendants, we definitely can not use another family surname!” 3

“Superpower? Only little kids will believe you, don’t think that I will… but forget about it, if I change my surname to Long then so be it.”

Yang Chen blanked out for a second, he never would have thought this old devil would play this kind of joke on him, however, he was of the same mind, and did not want to carry the Yang surname anymore either, even though his old pops was a good-for-nothing kind of person, but he could make do with the Long surname.

Long Chen, this is his new name.

He said it in his name a few times, feeling pretty good. Seeing a knowing smile appear on this old devil’s face, Long Chen suddenly felt he was having a good time today.

He sat down next to Long Qinglan, shoulder leaning against his.

“You are my son, calling you Chen’r should not be too excessive, I have been stirring up trouble my entire life, and traveled unhindered throughout the entire Long Ji Continent, but yet to unexpectedly die in Poplar Town this kind of shit place, this kind of luck really makes people want to cry unceasingly.”

“Did you crack your head today or something, your entire life’s deeds I am already aware of, quit bragging to my face! Oh right, let’s not return to the Yang family, with my abilities, even in another place, supporting a drunkard like you shouldn’t be that much of a problem, how about it?”

As Long Chen spoke, he looked at the distant scenery, waiting for his father to answer, but after a long time there was no reaction. He suddenly felt cold, and immediately turned around, only to see Long Qinglan completely motionless, but his eyes filling up with tears.

“Old devil, what happened to you……”

Being looked at in such a manner, Long Chen did not feel a bit awkward. Even though he has always had an impulsive and scathing manner of speech, but the man in front of him is undeniably his father.” 4



Long Qinglan raised his head, and said: “I am not a good father, and did not bear any fatherly responsibilities, and so walked down the wrong path. There are many things that you will have to face. Right now I do not want to tell you, but once you reach that level, you will be able to experience it yourself.”

“And the last thing I want to tell you in this life, clean your ears and listen closely, that is: In this cruel world, your strength is everything; a man without strength is not better than a dog!”

“After my death, I wish for you to become strong, to set that as your life’s goal, because that too, ultimately was my aim, but fate played such a trick on me……”

After being entrusted with such a task so solemnly, Long Chen was left in a daze.

Long Qinglan vigorously patted him on the head, and put his hand onto Long Chen’s shoulders and said smilingly: “I have already said what I intended to, lastly I want to entrust to you with one more request. Soon, there will be a Yang family assembly, the younger generation of disciples will have a competition. The champion in the end will receive the Yang family’s most advanced tome of techniques, the “Dragon Seal”. This Dragon Seal is the key for you to become the dragon warrior, so no matter what you do, you must get your hands on it, do not forget that….”

He had indeed heard of this family-wide assembly somewhat, but this had nothing to do with him.

“With my ability, I can beat up a few local thugs without a problem, but to enter into this competition, I will only manage to lose you face. And also old man, what is that dragon warrior you speak of?

“Dragon warrior……that is a long-lost legend of the Long Ji Continent……”

After finishing this sentence, Long Qinglan’s face was graced with a smile, his eyes filled with longing. However, the hand that was on Long Chen’s shoulder limply dropped down without a sound.

1 LOL I love this guy’s way of speech. The latter part of this sentence literally translates into “if you have a fart then just let it out already”

2 I made an assumption that they were referring to two similar and yet different things and translated “龙脉” in this instance to be “dragon vein” instead of “Dragon Pulse”, but it should not impact the story that much. In regards to the levels, I’ll elaborate on my interpretation in the note at the end.

3 More pokemon trademark violations jk

4 Well that didn’t really make any sense… what…

Sorry about all of the digressions throughout. Also, I want to clarify, and explain how I interpret the rankings/ levels of martial ability (I may or may not be wrong. If anyone read the raws and feel otherwise please let me know; I am interested to see how other people interpret it). Pretty much as of current, I feel that it is similar to Coiling Dragon early in the novel. There are currently only nine levels, and once you break past the nine levels, your veins will undergo a transformation, which as a direct comparison, can be like Saint class for those that read CD. I’m guessing that afterwards there will be more levels of martial ability, but this is only a conjecture as I have not read ahead either.

Also, there are a bunch of words like “old devil” and such, but for the most part in this chapter it is like of like a casual nickname of sorts, with little to none antagonistic meaning to it. Yang/ Long Chen just has a bad mouth. Also Chen’r (or Chen Er) is an affectionate way of calling someone for those that did not know.

Anyways, the next chapter should be up tomorrow, but until then, enjoy the cliffhanger! 😀


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! At this point going for what you feel flows better is correct. Some of the Chinese meanings are lost upon being converted to English anyways.

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