Chapter 2 (2/2)- Long Chen

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Long Chen was about ask more about Long Ji Continent, but upon seeing Long Qinglan’s hand limply fall, his heart entered a state of panic, and quickly held onto Long Qinglan.

Although his eyes were still open, and his face graced with a smile, Long Chen discovered that he had already lost all signs of life. This time around, he was truly gone.

Long Chen’s mind was a mess.

Just a day ago, if Long Qinglan died, he could accept this, but now when he had the thought to travel with the old devil far away, and live a happy, unrestrained life, he was suddenly left behind……

Long Chen painfully buried his head.

“Now you listen to me carefully. If you miss a single thing, even when I become a ghost I’ll make sure that you are childless.”

“I am not a good father, and did not bear any fatherly responsibilities”

“In this cruel world, your strength is everything; a man without strength is not better than a dog!”

“After my death, I wish for you to become strong, to set that as your life’s goal.”

His words echoed repeatedly in Long Chen’s ears.

Long Chen would have never expected that he will one day experience such a painful parting. He formerly thought himself to have no conscience, but this painful feeling, from whence does it come?

After waiting until deep into the night, and confirming that he will not wake again, Long Chen lowered him into the grave.

Looking down upon the gaunt face in the grave, Long Chen silently clenched his fists.

“Old man, all the things you have said to me, I will remember clearly, and will act accordingly. The few things you have entrusted me, I will carry them out even if my life wastes away. I have already changed my surname, and as for the dragon seal, I will slowly accomplish, the matter of becoming strong, can not be done in a day either. And……”

He recalled the request that Long Qinglan asked of him, to remove the jade shaped emblem from his dantian.

He is already deceased, if I desecrate his body, this is a grave sin……”

Upon thinking this, he wanted to give up, but then immediately changed his mind.

“No that’s not right, this old devil said that the dragon jade was tormenting him, and also he asked repeatedly. Presumably this said jade hides some profound mysteries.”

Long Chen is not a sentimental person, and upon thinking this, he glanced at Long Qinlan once more, took a deep breath, and broke through his dantian.

Sure enough, there appeared a piece of black jade.

Long Chen placed the jade piece onto the ground, then covered Long Qinglan’s body with mud and dirt, set a gravestone, and after paying his respects, sat off to the side, looking at the strange jade piece that lie on his hand.

This was the dragon jade that Long Qinglan mentioned.

“So it was you that sucked him dry of all his essential qi, and ruined his life?”

The Mysterious Dragon Jade is a dragon shaped piece of jade, with numerous strange lines forming a pattern on it. The entire piece of jade was black, the material seemed ordinary, if a bit old. Long Chen could not imagine how this thing could torment Long Qinglan his entire life.

At this time it was already dark, the moonlight gently illuminated the scene, and mist gradually permeated through the woods. The dragon jade in Long Chen’s hands began to emit a hazy light, and then suddenly disappeared, much to the surprise and shock of Long Chen.

“What just happened?”

Still not fully recovered, Long Chen felt a roaring sound inside his head, and found that his consciousness appeared in the midst of an expanse of grey fog. The mist unceasingly rolled forward, moving along with the billowing wind. Long Chen lost all sense of orientation, and could only look around in all directions, stunned.

“This was exactly as described in the book, the sea of knowledge houses and hides the soul, but only once one becomes a martial warrior, and opens up his mind, can he see this sea, so what exactly is going on?”

He was secretly shocked, Long Chen continuously traveled within this sea, but he felt that even if he ran forever, it would be impossible to escape from this endless sea of fog. At this moment, Long Chen saw that ancient black piece of dragon shaped jade appear, suspended before his eyes and exuding an obscure light.

Long Chen’s eyes were filled with surprise and disbelief.

“For this mysterious piece of dragon jade to appear in my consciousness, would it be to suck away my essential qi?”

Long Chen was shocked.

“No that couldn’t be it. Fundamentally, I do not possess any essential qi, it wouldn’t be here to absorb my fart, would it?”

Just at this moment, a potent force surged out from the dragon jade, and crossing between the boundaries of flesh and soul, appeared inside of Long Chen’s dantian.

This forceful heat made Long Chen’s body feel entirely refreshed.

“Essential Qi?”

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