Chapter 3 (1/2)- Dragon Qi

Wow, it’s been a while since my previous translation, a lot longer than I would have liked. But rest assured, I have not been merely potatoing around for the past few days, as a matter of fact, I have been fairly busy. Sure, some of that is random stuff such as catching up on some manga, anime, and other light novels that I follow, or a game or two of league, but I have also been reading ahead in DBWG as well (the first 20 chapters), and working out some other stuff in my life #priorities ehem.

Another thing is that I will probably add a glossary like most translators do to keep track of all the terms. Also, as a translator, although I try to keep the literal translation, please do keep in mind that this reflects my own understanding and interpretation, and may or may not be correct. If anyone does read the raws and catches something out, let me know and I will work out the knots. Thanks!

Last thing before the first part of chapter 3 is the results of the poll. As of right now, Dragon Qi is in the lead with 28 votes, followed up by a tie between a tie between dragon pulse and Gotta catch’em all!© with 15 votes apiece, so you will probably see me use Dragon Qi for the most part. HOWEVER, someone did add another option, which I feel makes a lot of sense, and I thank you for it, so I will interchange the naming to make it make more sense in places. Well that was a pretty long forward, enjoy the first half of chapter 3!

Chapter 3 (1/2)- Dragon Qi

While Long Chen was standing there dumbfounded, the Dragon Qi that forcefully broke out from mysterious jade emblem appeared in his dantian.

“Where is all of this qi come from? Could it be that it was taken from my father’s body?!”

Long Chen’s physical training was at the pinnacle, but despite this, the sheer amount of qi exceeded his ability to control it. The energy flowed outwards through his four limbs and bones, sending the surrounding dust flying.

Heat raged around in his chest, making Long Chen call out in pain. As he gritted his teeth, he was already drenched with sweat!

Qi seethed furiously in his dantian, about to explode at any second. If this continued, then his explosion and death would be a forgone conclusion. Upon thinking about his imminent demise, his eyes turned deep red.

“I’m not someone that can be so easily killed! Dragon Qi? Grow for me!” 1

After training the body, even at the ninth level of Dragon Qi, practitioner’s dantian generates qi. When a sufficient amount of Dragon Qi has been gathered, the qi will transform into the dragon of legends, and break through the first Dragon Vein. And the amount of qi in Long Chen’s dantian at this time far surpasses the requirement!


Gritting his teeth, sweat shedding in stream onto the ground, he let out a roar. Under his skillful manipulation, the qi in his dantian transformed into a dragon. Whistling, he resolutely rushed towards the Dragon Vein! With a bang, the dragon vein was burst open by this forceful Qi. Countless amounts of qi rushed in like a raging flood, thundering into the dragon vein. Formerly closed, the dragon vein expanded inch by inch under the assault by the qi. Throughout this entire process, the dragon-like qi also expanded crazily!


The first dragon vein, in a quarter hour, was suddenly pierced through. The dragon-like qi cycled through the dragon vein several times, the returned to the dantian. However, the qi that had just returned to the dantian at this time ceaselessly rampaged around. The powerful qi that seemed to bloat him made Long Chen’s entire body extremely uncomfortable!

“After opening up one dragon vein, I actually managed to break through the first level of Dragon Qi! However, the qi in my dantian is still growing at an extraordinary pace. This level two Dragon Qi, I have to give it a try today!”

Inside, he knows that just then, it could be said that he broke through the first dragon vein almost effortlessly. With the momentum he had now, he can not let this opportunity go. As he sat in front of his father’s grave, he gritted his teeth, and rushed towards the second level of Dragon Qi.

The difficulty of breaking through the second Dragon Vein and the corresponding amount of qi needed, in comparison to the first, was many times greater. Just from this, it is apparent how difficult it is to train Dragon Qi further. In Poplar Town, even after investing copious amounts of money and a lifetime’s worth of effort, it is extremely difficult to turn out with an expert at the peak of Dragon Qi training!

He again altered his qi into a mighty dragon. Today in front of his father’s grave, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind to keep on going even if it cost him his life, forcing the immense amount of qi to advance bit by bit in the Dragon Vein. Opening up the second Dragon Vein is much more difficult that the first, if he failed, then he would have to start from the very beginning!

A quarter hour later, Long Chen only managed to open up ten centimeters, and at this time, he was already exhausted. However, when he remembered his old man’s words, remember the tears that appeared in his eyes right before his death, Long Chen felt the pain and suffering he was experiencing right now was insignificant!

“That devil wanted me to become strong, and I agree to his request. With my personality, even if I die, I will properly accomplish the tasks you have entreated me with. Today I will break through this second Dragon Vein, and make you look at me in a new light!”

At the same time, he also thought of the people that had insulted him behind his back, and those that had laughed at him.

“Forget it, I am not a cold and ruthless person. Those that have humiliated me, if I ever become stronger than them, then it is only fair for me to return the favor!”


After an hour, the second Dragon Vein was finally broken through. Two mighty streams of qi flowed through his two Dragon Veins and to his entire body, strengthening it. Even more qi was circling his dantian, and settled there.

When the qi flowed over his ENT 2, he felt those senses reach an unprecedented clarity. Even though it was nighttime, he could see a larger area, and when carefully listening, he could hear the birds and the insects around him much more lucidly.

Upon attaining Dragon Qi, it was as if he underwent a dramatic transformation. Right now, he felt like he was as light as a swallow, and yet possessed the force of a thousand Jin. 3

Long Chen stood up, feeling reinvigorated and full of strength, his face revealing a smile.

Right now, he is already at the second level of Dragon Qi. Using this Qi, even snapping this tree at his side wouldn’t be too difficult if he went at full force.

And from today onwards, he can finally be considered to have stepped into the ranks of a true practitioner!

Looking at Long Qing Lan’s tombstone once more, Long Chen once again kowtowed a few more times.

“My many achievements tonight all stem from you. Before I hated you for you have given me nothing, but now I acknowledge my mistake. You are a good father.”

Standing up, he drove the wagon back to Poplar Town.

“Something’s amiss ……”

Long Chen frowned.

“This mysterious piece of dragon-shaped jade was originally in my father’s dantian. I initially had thought that it’s appearance in my consciousness was an anomaly, but now thinking back on it, there’s around an eighty percent chance that my old man already knew about it, and thus urged me to remove it from his dantian. This dragon-shaped jade is extremely mysterious, and my old man’s words were very cryptic. The way he spoke of the Long Ji Continent and those superpowers were exceedingly mystifying. Could it be that my old man has some sort of background?”

1 I couldn’t translate it literally because it wouldn’t make sense, but what I believe he is saying here is he is saying for his level of Dragon Qi to grow.

2 ENT is Eyes, Nose, Throat

3 One Jin is equivalent to approximately 1.1 pounds, basically half a kilo.

I will probably translate most of the rest tonight, and then finish up tomorrow so the next chapter should come out sometime tomorrow. For those that are interested, I can add a page that summarizes up the chapter in a sentence, maybe I’ll add a poll about that later.

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