As you guys can see from the title, this is not any sort of good news. Alas, it is to my utter regret to say that the latter part of the third chapter will be pushed back for a few more days. Two days ago, I started reading Close Combat Mage, and, well I finished reading all of the translated chapters from Pika Translations, and got hooked on reading the raws. I’m currently at chapter one hundred and something.As I am now, it would be practically impossible to sit down for a few hours and translate. So yeah, I will continue translating when I get tired, I guesstimate around Thursday or Friday (literally “get tired”, been going on 2 hours of sleep ._.). Oh yeah, also if you guys haven’t been there already, check out Pika Translations! Their translations are really great, and the story is pretty good as well, although some of you guys might not like a really, really OP MC.


2 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. So he becomes really really op? And how is his personality? I heard it gets worse 😦 and when will he get op? Sorry for the questions ^^” but it is annoying to see him only beautify some girls and woman.. Oh yeah and don’t sweat it I’m more impressed that you (guys) keep translating I gave up after halve of a chapter


    • I’ve only read the raws up to chapter twenty, but yeah, I guess you can say he becomes really OP, at least for the amount time he actually trained. As for his personality, I can’t say too much as you can hardly tell someone’s true personality from just these chapters. However, from what I can tell, he just has a horrendous mouth, but has good intentions, at least to the people that have been good to him. As for the people that haven’t, well their lives won’t be very pretty… Huehue~


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