My Disappearance

So I realize that I haven’t been quite active for about the past two weeks or so, and I’d like to let everyone know that I haven’t quit. I’ve just had a grueling two weeks partly of my own creation huehue, but it has been worth it so far. I did think that I would stop reading ahead on the raws once I got to around 150 on Martial God Asura, but then I saw a reddit post on The Alchemist God and touting it in comparison to some of the more popular LN (e.g. Zhan Long), so I decided to give it a try. And I have to say, I have not regretted it. It’s similar to Dou Luo Da Lu so if you like that as well then that’s good. The character development is great as well, it goes into the motives of characters and reveals a bit of how they are on the inside. I won’t spoil it too much, but I will say that you shouldn’t get too attached to any character because it’s kind of like A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones). For the most part, everything is so relaxed and stuff, and you see the MC grow along with his buddies and stuff, but then everything just crashes down around you. That part… I cried when I read it because it was so sad. For pretty much most of the story before it, it builds on character interactions between the MC, but everything just gets torn apart…

right in the kokoro

The tears were real that day… or maybe because it was 5AM…

But anyways, I’m going to keep on reading, and hope that I get satisfied soon, so I can settle down and continue translating. If the latter part of chapter 3 does come out (though unlikely, because I have work), it will be Monday or Wednesday evening but until then, I thank you for being patient (or not).


11 thoughts on “My Disappearance

  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT….. WHICH novel are you talking about Martial God Asura or The Alchemist God. In which one does everything come crashing down?


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