Chapter 112 (Part 1)- An Accidental Misunderstanding.

Before I get into the story, a quick disclaimer. As an average throughout this part, it took me approximately an hour to translate 1.2k characters, just under 2 hours for the 2.3k-ish characters for this part 1. For some reason, the author decided to make this chapter like 8k something words, so this chapter will be released in 3 or 4 separate parts. I meant this chapter to be a benchmark test of sorts so I can give you guys an approximate on when you can assume a new part or chapter to come out. I will do my best to allocate time to release a translated equivalent of 2-3k characters per day, since my schedule is still fairly busy. Though I don’t have an editor, I do try proofreading my own work, but if you find any mistakes, feel free to leave it down in the comments section. Thanks for the understanding and enjoy!

The early morning rays of sunlight spilled over the mountaintops, illuminating the faint morning dew.

Adeline, our poor Highness was standing atop an enormous terrace. She stood barefoot on the cold marble ground and wore but a lotus colored gown, her hands on the balustrade, looking quietly towards the distance.

It was a circular-shaped estate, surrounded by an enormous garden with rows upon rows of holly hedges were shaped and maintained into the likeness of a wall. Servants clothed in gray linen robes were already bustling around, busily cleaning the fallen leaves that had been blown astray by the passing night’s chilly winds, and a gardener wearing his hat was carefully maintaining the hedge with a pair of enormous scissors.
The terrace was filled with many arrangements of exotic flowers not commonly found blooming during this season; they were transported from the distant south, and required bountiful financial resources that only the owner of such a manor would be able to afford such a luxury, as these flowers were also maintained fresh with the usage of magic, but even with such a method the flowers could be kept in such a fashion for 3 days before withering.

There was a trace of melancholy on the poor Highness Adeline’s face. As a matter of fact, for the past few days, she never did smile for a single moment, and before the chilly morning wind, her face seemed pale. Strands of her soft blonde stuck onto her cheeks, painting an overall image that made her seem excessively fragile.

The sound of a door opening transmitted out from behind her. Adeline turned around and saw her personal bodyguard, a member of the royal guard whose face had become rigid due to a perennial stiffness in attitude. Behind her followed two young servants, one carrying a tray laden with breakfast, the other with Her Highness’s outer garments.

“Your Highness, you will get a cold this way.” The Royal bodyguard’s voice too was a never-changing monotone. She walked over, her movements light but resolute as she pulled Adeline back inside, and then closed the door behind them.

“You should eat breakfast, and then get dressed, Your Highness- you merely have an hour until the meeting with His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince. He has already arrived this morning, and will be downstairs waiting.”

Adeline’s face was more gaunt which made her chin seem more pointed but rendered her eyes to be particularly large. She glanced at the maid whom she personally disliked, then sighed.

Breakfast was comprised of fresh honey tea with bread that was roasted to a golden yellow, with dulcified fruit and honey jam. However, Adeline had no appetite, only eating two bites before leaving the food on the tray and sitting there numbly.
The maid was no stranger to the sight that this Royal Highness displayed. Upon seeing this scene, she immediately waved the two servants up to assist her in changing her Highness. Adeline was like a wooden puppet, at the mercy of the other side.

A thin belt was tightly tied to her waist and the court styled dress highly propped up the chest but made breathing extremely difficult. This beautiful style of costuming was extremely pleasing to look at, but only by wearing it will one true understand how uncomfortable it truly was! One of the servants expertly tied Adeline’s hair into a noble hair bun (TLN: Like such), then soon a few more servants entered the room with over twenty different styles of necklaces and other jewelry made of pearls, precious stones, gold, agate, and cat’s eye.

(If that hillbilly was here and saw such precious items, he would probably stare until his eyeballs dropped out of their sockets.)

When the hillbilly’s crooked smiling expression appeared in her mind, Adeline could not help but wear a silly smile and let loose a slight giggle.

(That hillbilly must still be at Wildfire Town… did he buy a house yet? He’ll probably still be hauling around that ugly and heavy pitchfork around to hunt right? Mm, perhaps he has already become a mercenary?)

The servants nervously handed style after style of jewelry which was placed upon Her Highness and constantly switched off. The maid off to the side ruled out one style after another with a picky but serious expression (TL: Wow her expression changed! O_O), at last settling on an emerald necklace to which the maid finally gave her reluctant approval.

When they finalized the finishing touches to Adeline, she looked as if a doll: Her golden hair was wound into a gorgeous and elegant bun, with two wisps of hair let down on the sides perfectly accentuating the shape of her face, a green and gold formal court dress fiercely bound her body into a gourd shape- for a majority of men, this was the preferred “S” shape that they liked to see, but only the poor princess herself knew that this was simply torture. The emerald necklace hung before her chest, the gemstone’s shimmering light contrasted with her snow-white skin and set off a bedazzling contrast.

The maid’s expression finally allowed a sliver of a smile through, which immediately reverted to its’ usual stiffness and said:”Your Highness, please remember etiquette.”
The sad bug sighed in her heart, then stood up dull eyes and her face indifferent. “I will.”
The emperor’s heir to the throne, and the only heir, Garcia, was sitting in the spacious hall enjoying a cup of black tea that was transported over from the Landis Empire as tribute. Although he did not enjoy drinking tea in actuality, there was no trace of flaws on his person from an aesthetic standpoint.

His golden hair was combed very neatly, his handsome face was pale and serious. His tailored uniform was meticulous down to the cuffs. With one hand holding the teacup, his face was full of attentiveness, as if at this very moment, savoring the tea in front of him was his greatest desire.

Even upon hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, this Royal Highness didn’t raise his head but instead finished his tea with perfect posture. He then took a white handkerchief to dab his already spotless mouth, then calmly stood up.

“My dearest sister, your color has improved today.” His Highness face wore a perfect smile.

Those who were not familiar with this Highness would all assume that this person would be an icon of the perfect royalty; his etiquette, his temperament, his bearing, and appearance were without a doubt impeccable. Even his court etiquette teacher could not pick out a single mistake from his outwards behavior.

When facing others, he would always meet them with a smile full of pride, but also with a touch of reserve and elegance. His clothing was always pristine, no matter if it was after hunting or horseback riding, and his boots would never have a trace of soil on them.

Born as the heir to the throne, Garcia had always been a strict and rigorous person- at least in mannerism. He was very clear that since the only day he was born, he had to do one thing, and one thing only: wait!

Wait for his fierce, majestic, and brutal father to grow old, then he will possess this enormous Empire. And before such a thing happens, he only needs to maintain a perfect image, and quietly and contentedly, wait!

This was enough for him.

Ending note

Throughout this section, the author refers Adeline as 可怜虫 or 可怜虫殿下, which translates roughly to “pitiful bug” or “Her Highness (the) pitiful bug” which I found kind of funny. I ended up finalizing it as “her poor Highness” instead because the former would be kind of weird….


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