Conquest Chapter 112 (Part 2)- An Accidental Misunderstanding

I typed this section earlier today than I did for the chapter yesterday because I have a test tomorrow to study for AHH! 😦 This section took me a lot longer than I would have thought since I couldn’t concentrate too well, as it ended up taking around 5 hours to translate and check just over 2.8k characters.

This section took me a lot longer than I would have thought, since I couldn’t concentrate too well, as it ended up taking around 5 hours to translate and check just over 2.8k characters. Hopefully, the last section that I have saved for tomorrow (~3.3k characters) will be faster.


Part 2

As for this crown prince, the evaluation of his teacher, who was the Emperor’s most trusted tutor (TL: 智者 by itself means “wise man” but in this case I took it to mean tutor instead”), Cavelsiere was very amusing: “If not for his eccentric sexual orientation, then this student of mine would be the most cautious out of all the pupils that I have taught.”

Of course, in some cases, cautiousness could be interpreted as cowardly.
The young crown prince never dared in his life to rebel against any of his father’s orders- the Lance Lord’s brutal and overbearing nature was the root cause of his cowardly nature.

However, there have been occasions where this mediocre, and perhaps even cowardly, crown prince has performed actions contradictory to his nature which violated his Royal father’s will: The first of which naturally was his sexual preferences.

As for the second, pertaining to his sister: Adeline.

And so, even though he himself did not like this pupil of his, Cavelsiere’s evaluation of him was, “In fact, our Royal Highness the Crown Prince is a very humane and kind-hearted person.”

But what Cavelsiere left unsaid, but everyone else thought of was that there was a hidden meaning… that although he’s a humane and kind- hearted person, it does not translate into becoming a good emperor.
Garcia slowly walked to Adeline, every single step that he took, the speed, distance, and time for each step was completely uniform and accurate, as if measured by a ruler. He then gently lifted Adeline’s hand up and then performed a standard kissing hands ceremony.
Adeline sighed in her heart, before returning the greeting.
“I hope that I did not disturb your rest by arriving at such an early time.” Garcia’s voice was sweet and soft, which was the primary reason why he gave off the impression of “cowardice.”
“I’m doing well.” Adeline was very evidently very listless.
“However, I heard your maid said that you have not been sleeping very well. If it is because you do not like this place, then I can change a place for you…”
“No, this place is very nice.” Adeline smiled helplessly. “Would it not be the same no matter where I am? Whether it be beautiful scenery or a beautiful garden, they are all cages to me.”

The crown prince was momentarily silent- for the awkward and difficult to answer topics, he would often stay silent or dodge the question, this is also part of his cowardly character. He followed his silence up with a small laugh, still as peaceful and cordial as ever: “I know that you would be lonely by yourself, so I came to accompany you today and take you out for a ride.”

“Really… you don’t have to do this.” Adeline let out a bitter smile. “Garcia, I know that you are very busy, and I am grateful to you that you are willing to spend your precious time accompanying me… I am very worried that His Majesty would be very angered at your actions….”

The Crown Prince was silent once more, then once again changed the topic: “I heard that recently you have been exercising less and less, this isn’t good for your health, so….” (TL: Sounds like… a certain someone that I know *cough*)

“Brother!” Adeline could not hold it back any longer and raised her voice, her expression becoming sharp. But when she saw Garcia’s brow slightly scrunch together after such an outburst, she finally sighed and whispered, “Your Highness! I just detest being locked down inside the house all day and to visit the outside only on the occasions that you come to see me…”

The Crown Prince blinked his eyes, then finally looked around and gently raised his hand. The surrounding attendants and maids bowed before backing down.

Waiting until it was just the two siblings left in the room, Garcia finally turned and slowly sat back down, and with that soft voice of his and said, “ You should understand that this is for your own safety.”

“If the price for living is to lose my freedom, then I would rather die.” Adeline was extremely pale, resolutely shook her head.

Garcia frowned as he looked at his sister- after she had been retrieved from her most recent escapade, she became slightly unfamiliar to him. It seemed to him that she became more courageous, more daring, and her thoughts… became so that he couldn’t see through them anymore.

“It is but a mere temporary arrangement.” Garcia hesitated for a moment. “ I… talked to my Royal Father and implored him to forgive you, and he even agreed on the condition that you willingly live here in peace and don’t run about…”

“Forgiveness!” Adeline suddenly screamed, her face flushed with anger and hatred. “Forgiveness?! He dared use that word?! Live here in peace and to not run around…ha! Is he afraid that I would spread the word of his ugly and malicious deeds to the entire world?!”

The Crown Prince’s facial expression changed immediately as he stood up and walked in front of Adeline: “Shut your mouth!”

Garcia raised his hand, but upon seeing the stubborn look in Adeline’s eyes, he held his hand there stiffly for a while, before slowly taking his hand back.

Garcia’s face was filled with helplessness, his eyes filled with pain as he looked towards Adeline. Adeline’s heart became soft and could not help but feel some guilt. She whispered, “S- sorry… brother, I know you have violated his will just to save me, I know you have done a lot for me, I….”

“I don’t have any brothers and have only you as my sister. In the future, I don’t want…. There to not even be a single relative by my side.” The Crown Prince shook his head, his eyes showing a trace of tenderness which was soon suppressed back to his usual polite expression.

“You really shouldn’t do this.” Adeline shook her head, her tone sad. “You should be clear as to what kind of a person His Majesty is. Garcia, my brother… this father of yours is not a sentimental nor soft man, in order to clear his surrounds of political enemies he can even heartlessly imprison our grandmother in the palace for five years and never visit her until her death! He can even do such a cruel thing to my mother, his sister by blood…

“Don’t say that again.” Garcia’s voice was as cold as the wintry nights.

The cold fury and anger hidden in his voice were enough to make Adeline’s heart jump furiously!

“You are my cousin, and as I have no siblings, my only relative in the same generation. No matter what, I will make sure your life is safe.” Garcia’s tone was very calm. “So please don’t speak of “death” and the likes in front of me again, okay?”

Adeline sighed and finally nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

“Alright,” Garcia said faintly. “It seems that your mood isn’t very good right now and you’re not feeling up for riding. In that case, I will come and see you another day.”

Upon saying this, the crown prince nodded slightly, then once again took Adeline’s hand and performed the courtesy, and with impeccable etiquette turned away and left. Just when he reached the door, his footsteps slowed down.

“Patience. Adeline… I heard that his health may not be as good anymore. So, just be patient!”

When Garcia left, the doors to the grand hall were closed again, blocking the bright rays of the sun from entering the building. Adeline looked at the beautiful but empty grand entrance hall, as a wave of weakness passed through her and left her collapsed on the cold marble floor at a loss.

Adeline was in a daze, her head drooping down languishing as she sat there for a long time.

Finally, half an hour later, the stiff-faced maid silently walked over like a specter and stood in front Adeline for a long time waiting on her. In her normally monotone eyes, a trace of sympathy could be found.

“Your Highness… just before his Imperial Highness the Royal Prince left, he instructed me that as long as you don’t leave this place, any of your needs could be met…”

“Any of my wishes?” Adeline suddenly raised her head.

“Indeed, anything.” The maid nodded her head.

“Great!” Adeline suddenly jumped up, and pulled at the belt at her waist, forcing it to come open. She undid the strings on her girdle and threw off her court dress until all that clothed her was her under wear. She was shivering from the cold, but her expression showed a hint of irritability- this was clearly the expression of feeling wronged.

“I want an ax… the largest and heaviest kind of war ax! Mm, and also an enormous war shield! Also give me a set of wolf skin robes, the kind made from the magical beast, and…” The pitiable creature thought for a bit, touching the corner of her mouth.

“I want a dentist!” The pitiable creature loudly announced. “Give me the best doctor there is! I want to insert a tooth! A gold tooth!!”

In the face of her demands, the maid did not have any objections, and acted as if the princess was a little child clamoring for toys, but…

Gol- gold tooth?!!

Just some things I wanted to note. As a general thing in Chinese culture, being pale is considered attractive. Also, people of extended family (a.k.a. cousins) are addressed as brothers and sisters.


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