Conquest Chapter 109 (Part 3)- Highway Robbery

Apparently, there was a section of chapter 109 that was left untranslated. My OCD kicked in and so I decided to translate that today. Thanks to Belkar for bringing this to my attention! You can read chapter 109 part 1 here and part 2 here!

Without further ado, here it is!

The steward was distressed. “This… please stay your anger Mr. General. In our city, the most beautiful girl in our city would be her. Frankly speaking, if you’ll forgive my disrespect, even the most beautiful out of all the Baron’s wives would still not compare to her.”

When Shaar heard this, he stared at the steward, all of his anger dissipating. He let out a long sigh, and patted the steward’s shoulder, his tone full of pity. “It seems like… your Baron has it rough too…”

As it was only a passing occasion, Shaar didn’t put it to heart.

However, when he left the town and arrived at the next town, the local head of the garrison welcomed him warmly and sent a beauty to warm his bed at night… This time Shaar did not mistake her as a ghost, but still, that girl was still angrily kicked out by him.

At the next city, the news of what happened at the previous two stops had already traveled ahead of them, that the nobleman’s tastes were extremely high, and had an even more stringent standard in regards to her appearance. The third city’s officials spent a great deal of effort before finding an extremely beautiful woman in the red light district whom they immediately brought over. It was said that the woman was from a declining aristocratic family, indeed her fairness could be considered to be first class. The officials had originally wanted to keep her for themselves, but upon hearing about this noble’s tastes, they changed their mind and decided to offer her up to him.

The result of what happened afterward…

When he saw her at the banquet, this respectable general was furious and flipped the table. (TN: Literally LOL(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ )

After this incident, people finally began to harbor doubts.

If this general’s tastes were to be considered high… then it was so high that they can’t even see the top! This kind of beauty, even if she was sent up to the emperor, she might even be considered a priceless treasure! If a beauty like this was considered ugly….

Could… could it be….

… could it possibly be that this honorable general, that place of his… has a problem?! Could it be a malfunction? (TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Mhm, it must be like this, that’s why every time a woman was sent to him he became angry!

Even though no one dared to voice it out, this thought was on everyone’s minds. However, even though no one said it out loud to his face, rumors about this general’s “little friend” would still circulate and leave traces. Soon, Shaar noticed that every time he stepped onto the street, people around him would always give him strange glances.

The most outrageous theory arose two days later when the head of the local garrison took it to another level…. Since this gentleman doesn’t like beautiful women, it can’t be that… he’s into men?

At night, a handsome young boy was sent to Shaar’s room, however… after not even a minute, Shaar rushed out of the room screaming. Not even bothering to use the stairs, he flipped over the balcony from the second floor and jumped down.

“Fuck! This father was in a daze and almost thought Bonfrett that rabbit had come from his grave to find this father for revenge!!”

(Fine! It seems like this honorable general must definitely be impotent! All of the onlookers were dead set on this point.)

Shaar wasn’t stupid, after experiencing this so many times, he too, in his heart, grew suspicious… why would these women that so many others regarded as beautiful to him seem…

If I assume that they were trying to play me, every time I go to a new place, would it be that everyone’s on the joke?

En, it couldn’t be that everyone has a problem with their sense of aesthetics, then… the problem could only be on himself!

With these doubts, Shaar waved at the servants change him.

After the suit of armor was removed, he shooed away the servants, and he and Tatara switched to a casual set of clothing and continued on their way.

Without the huge crowds and attention that followed them, there naturally would be less embarrassment for him to go through. In any case, this uncle Shaar has a lot of money in his pockets, so he didn’t need to worry about living costs anyways.

However, Tatara was not as fortunate, as the chores and miscellaneous duties fell onto him.

Finally, after twenty days, they arrived at a city called Catalar.

Catalar was a mere ten days by road away from the Empire capital but was considered a special military region with Catalar City as it’s focal point.

Upon arrival, Shaar finally didn’t attract the attention of the city’s military government, but instead encountered something unexpected- Catalar’s city founding festival was about to approach, and many merchants gathered in the city, causing almost all of the inns to be filled to the brim.

Shaar and the others wandered around the city for over two hours without being to find a place to stay, finally arrived at a hotel on the east side of town. They were greeted with the sight of a few people wearing weird clothing sitting around a table, with two of them who were negotiating with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man, who was clearly the owner of the hotel, had a distressed expression while trying to explain something, while the other side was constantly shaking their head.

Shaar peered at them. These people were clearly not wearing the Byzantine style of clothing. They were each wearing a two piece set of clothing, with their calves and ends of their long pants tied with thin rope. Their hairstyle was different than the long locks of the Byzantine men, as they had their hair cut very short, and some of them wore a head scarf, like that one-eyed man from Wildfire Town.

The most striking thing was, of those that sat at the table, a majority of them had a bow on their backs. The bows were of high quality, with cow leather wrapped around the tips of the bow. These bows were evidently not those used by any typical hunter.

Although these people all sat there, their well-disciplined postures gave them away to be people that had military training.

Upon hearing their accent, that stiff manner of speech when speaking in Byzantine (TN: People that lived in the [actual] Byzantine Empire spoke predominantly Greek and Latin), Shaar’s mind began to turn.

Odin’s people? Hmm, it doesn’t seem like it from their height.

From seeing their headscarf and the bows on their back, Shaar made his deduction.

It must be the Atlanteans, that seafaring country the one-eyed man from Wildfire Town was from.

When Shaar and the others approached, the militant mannerism in the way that Shaar walked showed that he had combat experience, which caused those sitting at the table to subconsciously sat straighter. A few of them raised their gazes and stared at Shaar deeply.

“Really, I can only clean out the courtyard in the back… Gentlemen, it’s not that I don’t enjoy money, but I am truly booked. Even if you give me more money, I can’t magically come up with more land and houses.” The owner was in distress.

Shaar walked over, and patted the owner’s shoulder and said amicably, “Ah, you say that you have a courtyard? Well if these people don’t want it, just give it to me then!”

TN: I’m going to change Atlantis to Landis in future translations, as it’s “兰蒂斯” and not “亚特兰蒂斯” which stands for Atlantis. Not too big of a difference, but it’s still there.

I probably won’t be able to post a part tomorrow, since speculating on how tired I was today (and the fact that I have more work to do tomorrow than I had today), I won’t be feeling up to translate the entire 3.3k+ words left for the rest of chapter 112. I will still translate a bit tomorrow though and have the rest of the chapter ready by Wednesday.

Does anyone else live in the Northeast US as well and enjoying the weather? (/s) I was enjoying the weather until suddenly it went from like 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 C) to over 90 degrees (32C+). *Sighs* I hate this weather.


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  1. Poor people having to deal with Shar taste in women if only they knew I wonder what they would do…. Thanks for this part.


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