Poll: How should I do my releases?

I realize that some people do not like it when chapters are released in sections, while others prefer having constant updates. I just want a general idea of who prefers what option more, and will start doing releases following the majority consensus from chapter 114 onwards so people can get their answers in. I have made a strawpoll which I will check around Friday evening.

The choices are:
1) Daily (-ish) releases of chapter sections of approximately ~2.5k-3k character equivalents.

2) Periodic release of each chapter as a whole, time of release is based on how long the chapter is. The shorter the chapter, the more releases.

3) 1 or 2 chapters regardless of the length of the chapters. Someone did suggest this option to me, which I am considering as well. It is easier on me for sure unless the author starts pumping out 20k character chapters, which is unlikely to happen. However, will be fewer releases than the other 2 choices as a whole.

Anyways, you can find the strawpoll HERE!


3 thoughts on “Poll: How should I do my releases?

  1. thanks for translating this novel, its awsome, i voted for the 2.5k-3k character sections, but if you can make it visible how many sections this chapter is gona have,like (1/4) and so on, it wont scare so mutch, or other format like that, plus after full chapter translation, it can also be fused, but i thik it wont be needed since at least in novelupdates ppl are used to 2k-3k chapters

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