Just taking a short break….

So for those of you wondering “Well shit, the weekend’s already over. Where’s the newest chapter?”, I just thought that I’d let you guys know that I’m just taking a short break, catching up on all of the LN that I have been missing (along with all of the anime, and manga), and procrastinate a bit on work before I continue translating the next chapter. Since “release each chapter in sections” got the most votes, that is how I will do my releases from now on (if they are too long for me to do it in one go). I just thought I’d let you guys know that I have NOT read ahead at all, so I’m as psyched as you guys are to learn what’s going to happen next. I did take a general glance at how long the next 2 chapters are going to be, and I will most likely release the next chapter in 2 (maybe 3) parts, and the chapter after that in 1 section. Thanks for bearing with me o/

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