Conquest Chapter 113 (Part 3/3)- The “Henchman” Tatara

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Shaar was very clear as to the limits of his own abilities. His own arsenal is only composed of Dragon Thorn and Crimson Rage Qi. Crimson Rage Qi could be used as a technique in combat, but once he uses Dragon Thorn if he is not able to kill his opponent, then will have sealed his own fate!

As for killing techniques that he knows, he only has the “Thousand Men Army Slaughter” that the old man passed on to him. Though it is a very powerful technique, Dora informed him that this technique was obvious a skill meant for group battles! In other words, this technique was very suited for the battlefield. However, in single man duels, this skill is sufficient for any ordinary opponents, but upon meeting a strong enemy, this technique will inevitably be insufficient.

His “Thousand Men Army Slaughter” technique is good for group fights, as once used, the consecutive attacks cover a large area, but in a one-on-one scenario, it is sorely lacking in both offense and defense.

Though Shaar originally didn’t care too much for this, Dora’s next words convinced Shaar.

“If you had seriously learned a powerful martial art, then if you meet Hastings, you can at least take him on for a couple of rounds! Otherwise with your current abilities, even with Crimson Rage Qi, your only fate is to be slaughtered by him. Even if you use Dragon Thorn, you can only injure him slightly.

However, combat techniques…. Where could he learn them?

In enemy encounters before, Shaar relied primarily on the abilities of his own body, in his innate abilities and instincts. Upon meeting ordinary opponents, he would naturally take the upper hand, thus resulting in Dora’s evaluation: “You are just fighting wildly without direction, and relying on your strength to bully those that are weaker than you. If you met with a real master, then he would immediately be able to see your weaknesses and walk all over you!

However, in regards to actual martial techniques, he has no way of learning them… Though Dora was seemingly very knowledgeable, she is, after all, a dragon, and has no way of learning any human martial arts.

As for the other people that Shaar knows, the martial arts of Sarbar and the rest of them do not even measure up to Shaar’s! As for the really powerful people… Hastings is considered one, but would Hastings even consider him as a disciple?

General Adrick’s martial arts should be quite impressive, but for him to teach Shaar was impossible. After all, as a general, he must command many people to go to war. While looking at these people fighting, Shaar had a thought to steal a few techniques from these people.

From a while back, in Wildfire Town, he had seen many mercenaries fight, but most of the mercenaries over there come from a common background. The few warrior groups in front of him, most likely come from a decent background! They probably spent most of their time practicing their martial arts, with the goal of participating in mind. Therefore, amongst these people, most of them have practiced for a long time, and in these few days, he has seen quite a few masters!

Putting aside actual combat, if you simply look at their skills, then any one you pick out would be better than Shaar by a lot.

At this time, the two groups of people crashed into each other, and a warrior wearing a black leather armor suddenly jumped out with a roar and waving his hand, sent a sword light shooting out. The opponent that he was facing abruptly fell down clutching his throat, a stream of fresh blood flowing through his fingers.

The warrior wearing black armor that used the sword light was seemingly already at the level of an intermediate warrior, and his sword techniques seemed cruel and sinister.His sword’s shadow flickered again and again, and left a series of phantom images, making it so that onlookers would not be able to differentiate between the real sword and false images. With every move that he stabbed out with, the sword would always be able to accurate pierce through armor into the enemy’s weaknesses. In less than a moment, he felled five or six opponents that were in front of him.

This kind of ingenious sword technique moved Shaar’s heart, and he couldn’t resist but pick up a fork that was in front of him and begin to mimic it. Only, the ability to make the sword move like that and leave phantom images lied in the wrist and required certain skills for it to work, so how could he have learned it in such a short period of time? Shaar could only but stare intently at that man.

An axe warrior at this time swung down at the warrior wearing black, but at this time, the warrior flicked his sword up and caught the axehead with the edge of his blade. He then slid his sword following the edge of the ax, and with a bloody flash, cut off three of the axman’s fingers! Following this, with another move, he immediately pierced through the ax-wielding man!

Upon seeing this sight, Shaar could not help but shout: “Good!!”

With this shout, the situation suddenly turned bad. Originally that group the black-armored warrior was with had already been victorious, with over a dozen of their opponents lying wounded on the ground, but upon hearing this shout, the warrior in black turned around to stare at Shaar, his face full of hostility.

Shaar’s current arrangement was a bit over the top. In contrast to the warrior troop that was in a battle of life and death, Shaar was sitting at the table surrounded by Landis warriors, this uncle was sitting there tasting the wine, with a wine bottle even in his hand…

That black armored warrior grunted heavily, and slowly walked over carrying his sword, blood slowly dripping off the tip. He stopped seven or eight steps before the place Shaar sat at, with his companions gathering as well, glowering at Shaar. Some even rubbed their palms together in anticipation, ready to begin fighting without another word.

“It seems like this lordship is a warrior as well.” The black armored warrior laughed coldly, his eyes sweeping over the Landis warriors. “Though I have never heard the news of allowing another country’s warriors to participate in this event. Which warrior troop do you belong to, your face looks very unfamiliar?”

Shaar let go of the bottle of wine in his hand, and let out a sigh, smiling. “I’ve been watching for three days, but this battle today is especially spectacular! Your sword techniques really are quite powerful!”

The black armored warrior’s face sank, his face full of anger as he shouted, “Spectacular? Our life and death battle in your lordship’s eyes is merely a play?!”

Shaar scratched his head. “This… I was sitting here, having a good meal, and you people decided to fight. Surely you don’t mean for us to not even look at your fight at all, as we’re sitting right next to you? When you are fighting, should I blindfold my eyes? It’s not as if it’s a woman baring her ass, what’s so shameful that you can’t let others see?

With these words, what the other side was about to say was suddenly plugged back in. Although his words were rude, it reflected the sentiment of the crowd: Gentlemen, it was your decision to begin fighting, surely as bystanders, we should be allowed to look on.

The warrior in black was evidently not a man of words, so he decided to speak with his sword, and coldly said. “My name is Alfred Carter, captain of the Wolf Fang warrior group! From the looks of it you are a warrior as well, and going to participate in the contest at the Imperial capital as well. If you haven’t heard of my name before, I don’t mind making it so that you never forget about our encounter today! State your name, warrior! Let me experience and see if your skills match up with your arrogant expression!

Before Shaar could open his mouth, Tatara had already jumped up- this was the time for him to show his loyalty, how could he let this opportunity slip by? Furthermore, although the other side was aggressive, he was clear about his master’s ability! There was nothing to fear there was no danger involved, as his master’s loyal dog, this was akin to a heaven-sent opportunity!

“Has your dog eyes gone blind!” The magician slammed the table and moved to stand up, but stayed shrunken against Shaar’s side, not daring to move forward even a little bit. He pointed at the black-armored warrior Alfred Carter and shouted, “How can your puny stature compared to the identity of my lordship?! Laughable! My lordship is a valiant army general, how can your warrior group even be qualified to challenge him?! Humph! Challenge my lordship? I think that you’re getting tired of living! Do you even know who my lordship is! You think that with a little bit of fighting spirit that you can put everyone below your sights? How is your swordsmanship compared to the Odin General Hastings? Humph, even Hastings was seriously injured and had no choice but to flee in the face of my lordship! Are you saying you can do better than Hastings? To have the gall to challenge my lordship!

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