Hey guys, I’m a college student that has been lurking around the LN community for a while now, and finally decided to do some translations of my own during some free time over the summer. I plan on releasing a chapter once every few days, but circumstances may prove difficult so releases are yet tbd. I read and translate Chinese, so if there are any recommendations, I will check them out.

As a translator, I am obligated to come out to my readers. I feel that I am severely lacking. It is difficult for me to translate excessively flowery language, though I have no trouble reading it or understanding the meaning. Luckily light novels are for the most part not actually written that way because then my translations would even more nonsensical and all over the place than it already is.

Annnyways, too much serious talk and time for a digression. So some of you guys may be wondering, “What the heck is up with that name ‘Superpotatsama’?” One of the laptops I own, a Toshiba Satellite, is well, a potato. I bought it about 3 and a half years ago in February, and within a year and a half, the screws on the side of the screen literally popped off and there’s a bunch of cracks on the screen as well, and I keep it together with a bunch of paperclips. On top of that, my fan is the most godaweful thing there is. It sounds like a blender on max throttle, and worst part is, it doesn’t even cool down my computer (I had to borrow a fan from my friend for the greater part of a year). Whenever I Skyped with my friends, they would always kid about hearing a UFO or an airplane or something e.o. So yeah I stopped using that computer now, and I have a new lenovo now which I am pretty happy with so far. Hopefully it will last me a lot longer than that shit Toshiba (let this be a lesson to you guys. NEVER BUY TOSHIBA.) As for the other half of the name, I’m also pretty into anime and manga so the rest kind of fell together. Edit:6/10/17 The “potato” part of my name has begun to take on a different connotation, as I myself have been forgoing exercise for the most part

Annnnyways, I am currently translating Conquest, and may pick up even more later on in the future. I’m guessing my turnout rate for the chapters is approximately one chapter every 3 days or so depending on the length of the chapter, at least for Conquest, so we’ll have to see.


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