Chapter 115- The Hillbilly Swindler

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Alfred Carter suddenly stiffened and looked at Shaar unbelievingly. “You… you are really willing to teach me?!”

At this moment, Alfred Carter really believed that Shaar was much stronger than himself. Normally, the most he can do is daydream about the opportunity of learning from an expert like this! For martial artists, their techniques are extremely precious. Who would be lightly willing to teach others?

However, at this time this expert actually offered his guidance to him! With Shaar’s illustrious record of defeating War God Hastings coupled with the fact that he was just defeated with one flourish, if he could pick up a trick or two …

Alfred Carter’s master wasn’t a superpower on the continent, and he had practised to the level of a pinnacle intermediate warrior. Although he was only a mere step away from becoming a high leveled expert, but he had already stayed at that level for three years already with no signs of breaking through.

As for that insidious technique, he had only inadvertently picked it up later on. With his modest talent, he finally managed to achieve his current attainments.

At this current moment, when offered tutelage by one that even defeated the Odin General Hastings, how could he have any inkling of refusal on his mind? As for Shaar’s true intentions, he did not even second guess them after having just been beaten in one strike.

“You, you mean- you’re willing to teach me ….”

Shaar beamed at him, “It would just be sparring for a bit, not enough to be considered passing on techniques, but rather as an equivalent exchange. You are also my senior, I’m afraid I can’t become your teacher.”

When put in this fashion, how could there be any shred of doubt left in Alfred Carter’s mind?

Whilst the onlookers were still in a daze, Shaar had already waved a big paw towards waiter and called on them to bring over the innkeeper. Calling over Tatara to bring out a few gold coins, he said, “Alright, I will cover the compensation for all the things that have been broken here.” Hesitating for a moment, Shaar stared at the owner in the eyes, “If the city guards come knocking, you will know how to answer, right?”

Taking hold of the gold coin and being stared down by Shaar’s sharp gaze, the innkeeper suddenly became wholeheartedly sincere, and hurriedly nodded his head. “Yes yes, of course, I understand… ah, it is because those fellas provoked this gentleman in black armor that he was forced into retaliation to defend himself.

Shaar was satisfied with this response, and likewise, Alfred Carter was grateful for those words. He had originally planned to run after fighting, but since he has now been able to tag on with this important character, he does not have to experience the pain and suffering of being on the run.

Little did Shaar known, by the command of Governor of this military area, Hughes, the city garrison would not even be near this neighborhood. The agents under the command of the Governor had been surveilling the surrounding areas, and even if there was a heaven-shattering fight, as long as Shaar didn’t stir up any trouble, then they would be left to their own devices.

The orders of the Governor was clear as day: Don’t provoke that guy- let him alone and leave peacefully.

Returning to a courtyard in the residence behind the inn, Shaar dismissed everyone. Naturally, Alfred Carter also let his own companions to return to their living quarters to rest.

Following this, Shaar with a careless expression asked a few words, and Alfred Carter straightforwardly pointed out to him the essence and intricacies of his swordsmanship in its’ entirety.

In his heart, Sir Shaar was a figure that can even defeat General Hastings, in front of such a person, he himself is but an ant. Likewise, for this little sword art of his, instead of hiding it away sentimentally, it would be better for him to speak it out loud. Maybe there is a chance for this great expert to give him some tips.

Subsequently, one spoke and another listened- naturally the speaker spoke with his utmost effort without any reservation, while the listener was attentive and immersed.

However, Alfred Carter would have never imagined that this character in front of him was merely swindling him of his secret techniques!

Put bluntly, Alfred Carter’s swordsmanship belongs to a class that relies heavily on techniques and feints in order to confuse the senses of the enemy with practically no big techniques. Rather, it utilizes the speed of the sword to confuse the perception of the opponent while simultaneously hiding the real killing technique within a myriad of illusionary strokes. This kind of technique is simple yet sharp, with a clean and dexterous cut that leaves the body as quickly as it enters.

“This sword technique is like that of an assassin.” In his mind, Dora made a judgment.

The first step is the wrist technique. In order to display sword illusions like that shown by Alfred Carter, the wrist technique is extremely important. The usage of strength must be very precise, with the incorporation of subtle shaking, and flipping of the wrist, or even exquisite movements in the rotation of the wrist. The most important variable in the wrist technique however, is the power used in performing the technique. It must be done in quick and brief intervals without any sloppiness.

With regards to Alfred Carter’s battle qi, there is not much about it that is unusual or special.

At Shaar’s request, Alfred Carter performed some intricate demonstrations. Even at his current skill, he can shake out seven or eight illusory afterimages with his sword, giving his enemies a hard time differentiating which is real and which is fake.

Upon seeing this guy’s swordsmanship up close, he could see that with every move Alfred Carter made, he would send out a line of afterimages. Within these illusory images, there will be a lethal strike hidden.

These series of movements were extremely quick and deft, and Shaar subconsciously activated his Crimson Rage Ki, his eye displaying a red gleam. Under the influence of Crimson Rage Ki, all movements in front of his eyes appeared as if in slow motion. It was only under this state that he could clearly see every single detail behind Alfred Carter’s movements.

Doing this also saves him from directly asking- after all, the act masquerading as an expert in itself won’t be so simple. For someone as illiterate as he was in techniques, if he wantonly asked questions, it wouldn’t even take a sentence or two for him to blown his own cover.

After Alfred Carter displayed his techniques the third time around, Shaar waved his hand, signaling him to stop. In his mind, he replayed the movements that he had seen under the slow-motion influence of his Crimson Rage Ki. Suddenly a glimmer of inspiration appeared to him. Without a word, he took a broom standing at the corner of the courtyard and took a deep breath…

Letting out a deep breath, he waved out the broom in his hand. Immediately, the broom in his hand drew out two or three sword images.

In Shaar’s mind it was as if he had a small epiphany, as if he found a method. After practicing the technique a few more times, and memorizing the movements and the utilization of energy in his body for the technique, his actions became fluid. After the third try, he could simultaneously release seven or eight mirages.

When Shaar reached his sixth repetition of the technique, the broom that was in his hand became a blurred area of afterimages, easily exceeding over a dozen!!

Alfred Carter became dazed at this sight, he never would have thought that after just hearing him talk about his technique once, and seeing him demonstrate thrice that this great expert would be able to use his technique off the bat! Furthermore, he could even use it with a higher proficiency and release more mirages!!

Once Shaar mastered the technique, his heart became exceedingly excited. Finally, with a burst of energy, his Crimson Rage Ki flowed down the broom, causing the broom to splinter apart with a bang, and causing wood chips to fly up into the surroundings.

Shaar stood in the center of the storm of wood chips, staring at the broken handle of the broom in deep thought.

Alfred Carter was completely convinced.

However, he would have never guessed, for releasing after-images, aside from wrist techniques, the quality of the weapon also has a role in how the technique is displayed! The softer and more elastic something is, the easier it will be to release afterimages with- for example, the sleeves of a traditional dancer.

Although Shaar could display over a dozen afterimages simultaneously, the broom in his hand was soft and elastic! If that broom was exchanged with a sword, then he would never have been able to display it with such a high degree of proficiency!

“Alright, you may leave, I want to ponder on it some more. Perhaps there may be some more improvement for this sword technique of yours,” Shaar said, putting on an enigmatic facade. Alfred Carter was too afraid of speaking back, and he quickly backed away respectfully.

After the black-armored warrior left, Shaar plopped down gracelessly on the ground, scratching his head, unable to contain his elation. “Interesting! I would never have thought that sword techniques would have so many interesting quirks! At that time Kevin… Ah, when that guy Kevin taught me some sword techniques, it was mainly some simple blocking, lunging, and sliding footwork…”

Thinking of the bald-headed man that died in battle, Shaar felt a wave of dejection.

“Blocking, lunging and sliding…these are the most basic techniques. Any set of martial skills will be composed of simple techniques like these, along with some advanced techniques, which will result in a different style.” Dora’s explanation was very calm. “This Alfred Carter’s sword techniques aren’t bad, it can just barely be considered as a second-rate sword style. However, second-rate will always be second-rate after all. It relies too much on visual effects to confuse the opponent. Against a normal opponent there wouldn’t be any trouble at all, but against another expert, especially one with high observational skills or mental fortitude, they would not be swindled by this little trick at all.

Shaar laughed. “Well after all it’s not like I have to learn this sword style, just the method of mobilizing my body’s energy.”

Paused, he let out another belly of laughter: “That Alfred Carter said it took him several years to learn this sword style, and yet this master took only several tries to learn it. It seems like this master really is a genius!”

“Rather, you’re a fool.” Dora unceremoniously beat down on the hillbilly’s confidence. “You have the Crimson Rage Ki as a foundation, once Crimson Rage Ki is used, your spiritual and mental acuity will be increased by several times, which also greatly increases your observational skills. Even the smallest and most movements will be seen and absorbed. These skills are not your own, but rather granted to you by the Crimson Rage Ki.”

Shaar opened his mouth, and suddenly yelled out, “Who cares if I was naturally born with it or not… according to you, with the Crimson Rage Ki, is my comprehension much better than that of others, and I can learn everything much quicker?

Dora did not reply to Shaar’s question, this female dragon was very unwilling to accept the hillbilly’s speculation. “It’s true that it would be so… however, this is only limited to martial arts. You are able to see more clearly, and much more of the subtleties than others, so naturally you would learn much faster. This is not something that is surprising.”


“However what?” Shaar said as he smiled carelessly.

“However, your Crimson Rage Ki has an anomaly!”

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Delayed chapters

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Conquest Chapter 114- Looking to Get Disgraced

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These few words that were said were full of arrogance, and had quite the demeanor befitting of a professional minion. Upon finishing, the magician immediately retracted his head back and hid behind Shaar.

Though the warriors that were across from them at first had a belly full of anger, upon hearing Tatara’s words, their faces changed!


In regards to citizens of the Byzantine Empire, some people perhaps may not know the name of His Majesty the Emperor, but…. The name of Hastings, even deaf people would have heard of it!

Even Hastings was injured by his hand, no wonder that guy was sitting there arrogantly. It couldn’t be that this guy that is sitting there like some uncle was, according to rumors, the general that had wounded Hastings on the battlefield?!

The anger of the black armored warrior Alfred Carter and his compatriots suddenly weakened, their faces changing color. The black armored warrior’s facial expression was particularly spectacular, rapidly alternating between blue and white, and not knowing what to do with the sword in his hand.

What kind of joke are you making? The opposite side even managed to wound Hastings, what could they do with their measly ability?!

However, upon entering Shaar’s ears, this hillbilly’s face began to burn up.

Although he was a little shameless sometimes (uh, rabbit Ruhr, poor worm, Oaks, Sky Raider, Tatara, etc.) but he still had a modicum of self-respect.

Especially upon hearing what Tatara said about Hastings suffering from severe injuries and fleeing, Shaar’s face became redder than a monkey’s ass.

Uh, the heavily injured part was correct, as well as the fleeing…but, that described himself…

He is very clear in his own abilities, that if he really met Hastings again face to face, the one to flee would undoubtedly be himself. Also… uh, with the speed of Hasting’s horse, he’s afraid that escaping in and of itself would pose a very big problem.

However, Shaar’s current expression, in the eyes of the others, was a whole other story- they only saw this legendary figure’s face turn red, his eyes staring at them!

Ah, as for those dodgy eyes … they were like electricity!

The black armored warrior Alfred Carter’s face stiffened for a bit, then let out a long breath, hesitating. Then finally, biting his teeth, finally spit out, “It turns out that my lordship is the legendary figure that had defeated Hasting… I have heard of your name, Lord Shaar! Also, I am reverent towards your deeds and accomplishments, but I am a warrior, and have the dignity of warriors! Since I have already issued my challenge, I will not take it back! Otherwise, I and my entire regiment will not be able to have the face to see others anymore!

Alfred Carter slowly raised his sword, brandishing it, and gritting his teeth. “Although I am not your opponent, I still wish to experience your legendary technique! Please enlighten me!”

Upon saying this, the black armored warrior became resolute, as if he had stepped onto an execution ground.

Shaar opened his mouth a little, but before he could speak, a “puchi” sound came from within his sea of consciousness. It was Dora laughing, full of disdain.

This female dragon’s tone was full of disdain. “How shameless! If Hastings heard of this occasion, I’m afraid he would die of laughter. Humph, this human warrior’s strength truly isn’t that bad, and though his level of Fighting Qi is far from the top, that sword technique is extremely ruthless and sharp. If you really plan on fighting a round against him, if it isn’t to the death, then even if you do win against him, then you would still lose a lot of face.”

Though Shaar was being satirized by Dora, he was silent. In his heart he was clear that this female dragon was correct- if he was not fighting to the death, by relying on the Crimson Rage Qi he could win against the black armored warrior Alfred Carter, but with his opponent’s Fighting Qi, his own defense would be pierced. To obtain a clean victory was nigh on impossible, it is inevitable for him to be injured in the process. Furthermore…. his movement techniques were quick and agile, and his swordsmanship followed a cruel and sharp road, compared to the enemies that he encountered on the battlefield where the combat style was primarily hacking wildly, he has never encountered an opponent like this before. Even with the usage of Crimson Rage Qi… whether or not he will be able to land a strike on his opponent is an unknown variable! A moment of carelessness would mean that he would possibly even lose!

After all, that time when he wounded Hastings with his attack, not only was he in close range, Hastings also had been focusing on Bonfrette at that time. Coupled with his strongest killing move “Dragon Thorn” he had only managed to injure Hastings.

Upon seeing Alfred Carter challenge him so steadfastly, the hillbilly upon pondering again suddenly had a bad premonition.

He stood up slowly, then step by step walked around the table. At the same time, he pulled out the pitchfork that he kept at his waist.

Shaar’s movements were very slow, without aiming to conceal his intentions. Upon seeing this, Alfred Carter prepared himself, and stood his ground, his eyes staring intently at Shaar.

“You should know, I’m a man of the military.” Shaar’s face was serious. As he was born with an honest face, especially with that harmless smile, it made him seem even more deceptively benign. Seeing Shaar slowly raise the pitchfork in his hands with a calm and steady expression, Alfred Carter didn’t move. He was assured that this newfound hero of the Empire would not be the kind of vile person to launch a sudden assault.

Shaar didn’t have the intention to launch a sneak attack, his posture awe-inspiring, he suddenly raised his hand a flicked his pitchfork. With a hum, the pitchfork issued a sound akin to a dragon roar!

“As a military man, naturally I must follow army rules, and can not wantonly start fights, nor can I harm people.” Shaar purposefully lets out a sigh. “So, if you want to have a competition with me, then this request of yours I can not fulfill…. Well, if you can block a blow of my pitchfork, I can consider this as your win, how about it? Look carefully!

After saying this, Shaar didn’t wait for the other side to respond and took a deep breath. Instantly, a bloody light flickered across his eyes, and the pitchfork in his hands slashed diagonally downwards!

With this strike, his movement, in reality, was not very fast, perhaps slow to the point of seeming to be deliberate.

His prior statement of “if you can block a blow from my pitchfork then you win”, but this was calculated. This strike with the pitchfork seemed extremely slow as if swung out without much power behind it, and also seemingly without any technique to be fearful of.

Sure enough, Alfred Carter fell for the deception!

He instinctively crossed his sword in front of himself. His reaction could be considered fast, his sword rose to meet the pitchfork, instantaneously shrouded with his Fighting Qi.

Perhaps if he didn’t block, but instead dodged the strike, then used his ruthless and agile swordsmanship to counterattack, then even if he wasn’t able to defeat Shaar, he could at least have a thirty percent chance of winning. However, by blocking like this, he fell into Shaar’s trap.

With a shriek of metal, the sword in Alfred Carter’s hands almost instantly snapped into two. Though it could be considered sharp, Shaar’s monstrous strength coupled with the assistance from the Crimson Rage Qi easy snapped it and made Alfred Carter’s hand numb, his body staggering back multiple steps. When he finally managed to steady himself, he raised the broken sword in his hands and stared at it, then looked at Shaar who was standing before him. Shaar had already put away his pitchfork and smiled faintly as he stood there…

Alfred Carter’s face instantly became ashen. He had practiced the sword for many a year, but didn’t expect that he couldn’t even withstand a single blow! At this moment, he was in awe and entirely forgot that he didn’t dodge, and should not have met Shaar’s blow head on with strength, and many other factors. The impact of being defeated in a single blow had pushed everything else out of his mind.

“I… I lost!”

At the moment, Alfred Carter despaired in his heart. He was not a stupid person, and realized that even if the opponent’s weapon was sharp, but to snap his sword so relaxedly and easily, it was not due to the weapon’s sharpness, but rather a magical factor! Previously during that strike, he clearly felt a powerful, unstoppable force looming towards him, and break through his Fighting Qi!

He could definitely not have blocked it!

“I, this disgrace I have brought upon myself, I have no words left to say!” Alfred Carter dropped his sword onto the ground, instantly at a loss. The kinds of lofty aspirations that he once had vanished like a fleeting dream! When he first formed the warrior troop three years back, they had a spectacular debut. After another three years of bitter training, he had originally hoped to gain even more success, but he didn’t expect that upon meeting a real master, he did not last even a single blow!

He turned his body to leave, too lazy to speak another word… he even had the thought of returning home, instead of going to Osgiliath and losing even more face.

However, before he had even taken two steps, he heard Shaar speak out behind him. “Wait a moment!”

Alfred Carter turned his body, fists clenched, and said, “Truly I am not as skilled as you, I am sincerely convinced. However, what does your lordship still want from me? Could it be that you want my life?” Hesitating for a moment, he suddenly laughed. “Ah! It is me that is not thinking clearly! Since I have already lost, how could I not leave something behind?”

He turned around, staring at Shaar and snapped, “I’ll leave my right hand behind, and will never use a sword again! Are you satisfied?!”

Immediately after he spoke these words, his companions next to him started to clamor and cause a commotion. Some of them were about to rush up with their swords drawn!”

“Quiet! All of you shut your mouths!!” Shaar suddenly roared, he glowered and said loudly. “You all are noisy as hell! Is there something wrong with your brain? Why would I want your right hand, to grill and eat it?”

“Then you…”

Shaar let out a laugh, the smile on his face becoming extremely sincere, and slowly said, “During the previous fight, I was just watching your swordsmanship and was really moved by it, so I applauded, but…. Honestly speaking, there are still many problems with it. You seem like a tough and bold guy, if you so wished, I could give you a few pointers here and there.”

Upon saying this, his face showed an earnest smile, but in his mind, Dora began to curse at him ceaselessly. “Shameless, so shameless! You obviously want to steal the technique from him, but you sell it as giving him pointers and even boast about it!~”

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Conquest Chapter 113 (Part 3/3)- The “Henchman” Tatara

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Shaar was very clear as to the limits of his own abilities. His own arsenal is only composed of Dragon Thorn and Crimson Rage Qi. Crimson Rage Qi could be used as a technique in combat, but once he uses Dragon Thorn if he is not able to kill his opponent, then will have sealed his own fate!

As for killing techniques that he knows, he only has the “Thousand Men Army Slaughter” that the old man passed on to him. Though it is a very powerful technique, Dora informed him that this technique was obvious a skill meant for group battles! In other words, this technique was very suited for the battlefield. However, in single man duels, this skill is sufficient for any ordinary opponents, but upon meeting a strong enemy, this technique will inevitably be insufficient.

His “Thousand Men Army Slaughter” technique is good for group fights, as once used, the consecutive attacks cover a large area, but in a one-on-one scenario, it is sorely lacking in both offense and defense.

Though Shaar originally didn’t care too much for this, Dora’s next words convinced Shaar.

“If you had seriously learned a powerful martial art, then if you meet Hastings, you can at least take him on for a couple of rounds! Otherwise with your current abilities, even with Crimson Rage Qi, your only fate is to be slaughtered by him. Even if you use Dragon Thorn, you can only injure him slightly.

However, combat techniques…. Where could he learn them?

In enemy encounters before, Shaar relied primarily on the abilities of his own body, in his innate abilities and instincts. Upon meeting ordinary opponents, he would naturally take the upper hand, thus resulting in Dora’s evaluation: “You are just fighting wildly without direction, and relying on your strength to bully those that are weaker than you. If you met with a real master, then he would immediately be able to see your weaknesses and walk all over you!

However, in regards to actual martial techniques, he has no way of learning them… Though Dora was seemingly very knowledgeable, she is, after all, a dragon, and has no way of learning any human martial arts.

As for the other people that Shaar knows, the martial arts of Sarbar and the rest of them do not even measure up to Shaar’s! As for the really powerful people… Hastings is considered one, but would Hastings even consider him as a disciple?

General Adrick’s martial arts should be quite impressive, but for him to teach Shaar was impossible. After all, as a general, he must command many people to go to war. While looking at these people fighting, Shaar had a thought to steal a few techniques from these people.

From a while back, in Wildfire Town, he had seen many mercenaries fight, but most of the mercenaries over there come from a common background. The few warrior groups in front of him, most likely come from a decent background! They probably spent most of their time practicing their martial arts, with the goal of participating in mind. Therefore, amongst these people, most of them have practiced for a long time, and in these few days, he has seen quite a few masters!

Putting aside actual combat, if you simply look at their skills, then any one you pick out would be better than Shaar by a lot.

At this time, the two groups of people crashed into each other, and a warrior wearing a black leather armor suddenly jumped out with a roar and waving his hand, sent a sword light shooting out. The opponent that he was facing abruptly fell down clutching his throat, a stream of fresh blood flowing through his fingers.

The warrior wearing black armor that used the sword light was seemingly already at the level of an intermediate warrior, and his sword techniques seemed cruel and sinister.His sword’s shadow flickered again and again, and left a series of phantom images, making it so that onlookers would not be able to differentiate between the real sword and false images. With every move that he stabbed out with, the sword would always be able to accurate pierce through armor into the enemy’s weaknesses. In less than a moment, he felled five or six opponents that were in front of him.

This kind of ingenious sword technique moved Shaar’s heart, and he couldn’t resist but pick up a fork that was in front of him and begin to mimic it. Only, the ability to make the sword move like that and leave phantom images lied in the wrist and required certain skills for it to work, so how could he have learned it in such a short period of time? Shaar could only but stare intently at that man.

An axe warrior at this time swung down at the warrior wearing black, but at this time, the warrior flicked his sword up and caught the axehead with the edge of his blade. He then slid his sword following the edge of the ax, and with a bloody flash, cut off three of the axman’s fingers! Following this, with another move, he immediately pierced through the ax-wielding man!

Upon seeing this sight, Shaar could not help but shout: “Good!!”

With this shout, the situation suddenly turned bad. Originally that group the black-armored warrior was with had already been victorious, with over a dozen of their opponents lying wounded on the ground, but upon hearing this shout, the warrior in black turned around to stare at Shaar, his face full of hostility.

Shaar’s current arrangement was a bit over the top. In contrast to the warrior troop that was in a battle of life and death, Shaar was sitting at the table surrounded by Landis warriors, this uncle was sitting there tasting the wine, with a wine bottle even in his hand…

That black armored warrior grunted heavily, and slowly walked over carrying his sword, blood slowly dripping off the tip. He stopped seven or eight steps before the place Shaar sat at, with his companions gathering as well, glowering at Shaar. Some even rubbed their palms together in anticipation, ready to begin fighting without another word.

“It seems like this lordship is a warrior as well.” The black armored warrior laughed coldly, his eyes sweeping over the Landis warriors. “Though I have never heard the news of allowing another country’s warriors to participate in this event. Which warrior troop do you belong to, your face looks very unfamiliar?”

Shaar let go of the bottle of wine in his hand, and let out a sigh, smiling. “I’ve been watching for three days, but this battle today is especially spectacular! Your sword techniques really are quite powerful!”

The black armored warrior’s face sank, his face full of anger as he shouted, “Spectacular? Our life and death battle in your lordship’s eyes is merely a play?!”

Shaar scratched his head. “This… I was sitting here, having a good meal, and you people decided to fight. Surely you don’t mean for us to not even look at your fight at all, as we’re sitting right next to you? When you are fighting, should I blindfold my eyes? It’s not as if it’s a woman baring her ass, what’s so shameful that you can’t let others see?

With these words, what the other side was about to say was suddenly plugged back in. Although his words were rude, it reflected the sentiment of the crowd: Gentlemen, it was your decision to begin fighting, surely as bystanders, we should be allowed to look on.

The warrior in black was evidently not a man of words, so he decided to speak with his sword, and coldly said. “My name is Alfred Carter, captain of the Wolf Fang warrior group! From the looks of it you are a warrior as well, and going to participate in the contest at the Imperial capital as well. If you haven’t heard of my name before, I don’t mind making it so that you never forget about our encounter today! State your name, warrior! Let me experience and see if your skills match up with your arrogant expression!

Before Shaar could open his mouth, Tatara had already jumped up- this was the time for him to show his loyalty, how could he let this opportunity slip by? Furthermore, although the other side was aggressive, he was clear about his master’s ability! There was nothing to fear there was no danger involved, as his master’s loyal dog, this was akin to a heaven-sent opportunity!

“Has your dog eyes gone blind!” The magician slammed the table and moved to stand up, but stayed shrunken against Shaar’s side, not daring to move forward even a little bit. He pointed at the black-armored warrior Alfred Carter and shouted, “How can your puny stature compared to the identity of my lordship?! Laughable! My lordship is a valiant army general, how can your warrior group even be qualified to challenge him?! Humph! Challenge my lordship? I think that you’re getting tired of living! Do you even know who my lordship is! You think that with a little bit of fighting spirit that you can put everyone below your sights? How is your swordsmanship compared to the Odin General Hastings? Humph, even Hastings was seriously injured and had no choice but to flee in the face of my lordship! Are you saying you can do better than Hastings? To have the gall to challenge my lordship!

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Conquest Chapter 113 (Part 2/3)- The “Henchman” Tatara

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Although the winter wonderland attracted the attention of many nobles, it was quite a different scene inside the city.

The snow on the roads was trampled under countless number of horses, turning into a muddy black concoction. In some locations, the snow melted and formed into muddy pits, and an occasional carriage passing by would splash the dirty water onto the nearby passerby.

The prices for grain had already risen a lot despite the governor’s attempt to solve the food shortage by opening the city’s various grain reserves as well as banning all merchants from mass-buying large amounts of grain. The price for bread had risen by forty percent, and the price of meat doubled- Armenia, though rich in iron ores, was not a big producer of grain, nor animal husbandry industry a prevalent force in the within the empire. A portion of the food within the military region was imported from outside of the region.

However in general, over the span of three generations the governor’s family rule could be considered successful, as in regards to the poor population within the city, not many of them have been starved or frozen to death.

However because of the blizzard, many people were trapped within Malika City. In addition to Shaar and the others, there are also many other caravans traveling north that were also delayed there. Though there was a lot of them, they were as a whole very peaceful, being merchant groups that do business.

This time around, there were also many warriors and mercenary groups within Malika City.

This was because at the beginning of every spring, the Empire- wide annual martial arts competition will be held at the imperial capital of Osgiliath. As long as you are a citizen of the Byzantine Empire, and hold an official title of warrior, then you could participate.

This ancient tradition has been passed down in the Byzantine Empire for thousands of years. Legend says that at the very founding of the empire, such an event was held to promote the prestige of martial arts within the empire. The first few competitions were said to be restricted to only warriors, with a chance to meet the Emperor personally along with badges of honor bestowed upon the winners of the contest, along with a reasonably lucrative reward and a quick rise to fame, becoming one of the warriors under the Imperial court.

After the passage of thousands of years, this tradition was still retained, however the layout of this event had been changed hundreds of times.

In the arena, the original solo competitions have been retained, but another category was also added: Group battles! This no longer restricted it to the individual, but allowed groups of warriors to participate and compete amongst themselves in view of tens of thousands of cheering spectators with many different combat styles, such as melee warriors, swordsmen, ax soldiers, and even archers and assassins. This addition made it so that the competition was not a test of individual skill, but rather required a high level of cooperation and collective combat skills.

During many a round of competition, the losing side would suffer severe casualties, or even massacred on the spot! But the reward for the victors is just as amazing!

And aside from the various man versus man competitions, there are even blood-soaked battles between man and beast! (TN: PvP and PvE lool)

Raging bulls, lions, tigers, leopards, hungry wolves… and later on, even monsters were captured and thrown straight into the arena for warriors to fight against!

And the rules of the competition became more and more cruel and bloody over time! Before the start of each competition, the applicants must sign a death contract. Upon entering the arena, the competition would immediately begin with the portcullis shutting behind them and competitors would fight to the death. Only after surviving until the end could the winner ask for the portcullis to be opened again, signifying the end of that round!

In recent years, the competition has reached to an unprecedented bloody level.

However, there would be no shortage of participants, as even convicted criminals are allowed to participate in such an event, and once reaching a certain number of victories, no matter what degree of severity your crime was, the Empire will grant amnesty to you and eliminate all records of your crimes!

There are even some slaves that, upon receiving victory at such a grand event, can obtain freedom!

At the present time, the empire already has many warrior groups that have gone professional for an event like this. These teams recruit many brave warriors and form an organization that does nothing but go through hard training every day, and swarm to the Imperial capital to participate in this event. In achieving victory, they would attain immediate fame and fortune, and if they fail…. They would become nothing more than corpses on the floor of the arena, to be dragged away by the standby soldiers.

Some of the participants are brought by slave traders from all over the world. They are put through strict combat training, and then signed up for the event. Upon winning, the slaver trader would obtain an enormous “bonus”, while the slave would obtain their freedom.

At the same time, because this ancient tradition naturally incentivizes gambling, this has become a source for evil….

At this time, the annual competition held at Osgiliath is less than a month’s time away, and many mercenary teams have been trapped in Malika City due to the snow. Numerous men, who were rowdy and boisterous by nature, when faced with the looming date of the event with no way to vent their anxiety would naturally cause a lot of trouble to break out.

Even more are the many regulars that participate in the event, and had held grudges and hatred for individuals in previous competitions, upon meeting them here, would naturally let the accrued jealousy and anger burst out….

There are others that previously have had no hatred or bad blood, but heard about the reputation of the other group, and inevitably taken the opportunity to ruthlessly undermine or injure the opposing team, in order to get rid of potential competitors….

Due to this, the law and order in the city has become increasingly chaotic, with the patrolling soldiers running back and forth resolving fights, and even frequently looking into cases of murder.

Although the patrolling soldiers have been working hard to suppress the outbreaks, but to these mercenary and warrior groups that have been walking on the knife edge day- to- day, their efforts did little to deter them. Even a select few ferocious warrior teams even engaged in combat with the city patrol, then left Malika City under the cover of the chaos.

After all, outside the city was a frozen landscape of ice and snow, none of the pursuers from the city were willing to chase to fiercely. They could always find a village after traveling a distance and then wait until the weather improved before leaving.

Shaar, Gu Luo, and the rest of the caravan have been staying in this hotel for two days already. In the evening, they sat downstairs at the hotel lobby eating and drinking, but only after a moment, they heard a loud cursing sound a distance away from them, followed by the sound of a table being flipped over and the sound of bowls and plates shattering. Two people sitting a distance away from them cursed at each other a few more times, then suddenly stood up, and drew their swords out.

“Ai, this is already the third time today.” Shaar sighed, raising the wine bottle and pouring himself some more, while sitting there comfortably watching them fight.

The owner of this hotel and his assistant had long been scared into hiding behind the counter. Upon hearing the sound of shattering plates and bowls, the owner, with his face full of jiggling fat, became distressed at the lost of his precious chinaware, but could only lie there and pray silently in his heart.

The Landis people had already gathered together quickly, with Gu Luo and the others at the very center. After a few days, they had long become accustomed to this sort of scene, so everyone stayed calm while onlooking at a distance.

At the very beginning when he first encountered this scene, Shaar was still very curious about watching, but after seeing it for three days, he had long lost most of his initial  interest, but still watched for another reason:

Within these warrior groups, there existed many hidden experts with unique and powerful martial skills!

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Conquest Chapter 113 (Part 1)- The “Henchman” Tatara

So this chapter (113) is about 6.3k characters long, which I am also going to split into 3 parts (considering that I don’t think I can comfortably do it in 2). This chapter is a bit short, but I hope you guys enjoy.

Although winter had already passed, the weather suddenly changed, a sudden snowstorm in the northern part of the Byzantine Empire set in, lasting an entire three days. The snow blocked the road and closed off many bridges. Goods had a very hard time traveling around the empire, causing the prices for food to soar, and adding a great deal of pressure on the common citizens.

In contrast, these problems seemed very far away for the majority of the Empire’s nobility. When the snow arrived, many of the nobles were busy holding various different activities, such as lavish banquets, horseback hunting during the snow, enjoying the winter scenery, and the ladies and lords were happily showing off the latest styles of fur clothes in fashion.

Shaar and his companions, and the rest of the caravan was obstructed by the sudden road blockages, and were forced to stay in the provincial capital of Armenia, Malika City.

Armenia County was already considerably close to the Empire’s capital, Osgiliath. Despite its’ proximity, however, it does not belong within the jurisdiction of the central government but is rather a Themata militarized region (TN: This author uses quite some technical terms from history, you can click here if you were wondering what this term actually is), comprised of the county capital Malika, the surrounding six smaller cities, and dozens of other villages and towns, with a population of over half a million people. Moreover, in regards to geography, the distance from Armenia county to the Empire capital, Osgiliath, is the closest, and Malika City is also the empire’s third largest city. From a military viewpoint, Armenia Military Zone is also top three in terms of military strength, out of a total of forty-six.

The Armenian Military Region is also the very first since the establishment of the current military order, and the current superintendent of the military region, General Hughes, is a member of the military faction. When the seat of power fell into his family’s hands seventy years ago, they have never turned the power over to another and has already passed the position down for three generations.

After seventy years of operation, like most other military regions within the Byzantine Empire, the Armenian Military Region seems more like a country within a country. The Superintendent General Hughes not only has a force of over fifty thousand citizen-soldiers registered on paper, he has also developed another standing army of twenty thousand strong. Of course, this army did not exist on the official records of the Empire and is still classified under “farmer-soldier”, which many other military regions similarly did.

Looking at it from this perspective, if we consider all of the military regions within the borders of the Byzantine Empire, the one that causes a headache for the Emperor the most would undoubtedly be the Armenian Military Region!

It is because it is too close to the administrative zone of the Imperial Capital, Osgiliath!!

The Imperial Administrative Zone is comprised of Osgiliath at the very center, surrounded by six other urban zones along with another approximately one thousand square kilometers of land surrounding it. And setting off from Malika City under normal circumstance, in accordance with the speed of a marching army would only take three days to reach the Imperial Capital Osgiliath!

Under with the Themata Military System, these various warlords and superintendents of these military zones were only loyal to the central government superficially. With the situation like this, how could the emperor rest easy?

The Armenian military region has an area that produces high-quality iron ore which was found sixty years ago. The direct aftermath of this discovery led to the immediate prosperity of General Hughes’s family. The possession of such a wealthy land with an enormous population, coupled with the discovery of iron ore led to the strength of the Armenian military region to be more than doubled! A saying even arose from this discovery, that the armor the Armenian military infantry possesses is of an even higher quality than that of the standing Imperial Army!

This region produces the Byzantine Empire’s best armor and weaponry, and the output to is very shocking! Because of such an advantage, the Armenian military region’s governing family could be considered a major power within the empire’s ring of military families. As the Armenian military region often exports weapons and armor to other military regions, it has become the core player within the military faction.

The current Governor Hughes, even when considering the area of the entire empire, could be considered in the top ten list of people with the most power, and as such, naturally, would not personally come and meet Shaar whose standing was far beneath his.

Although Shaar had arrived at Malika City for only one day, the Hughes family had already received word of this new up- and- coming star’s arrival due to their impermeable information networks which have been put in place after three generations of rule. Right when he entered the city, Shaar had already exposed his identity when he showed the guard proof of his identity.

However, when the news was passed up the line of command, Hughes did not have any intention to suck up to this “Hero of the Empire” at all. However, he did pass down a command: “Don’t provoke or obstruct that guy. Let him pass through.”

Unfortunately, due to the roads being blocked in by the snow, Shaar had no choice but to live in the city for a few more days.

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Conquest Chapter 112 (Part 3)- An Accidental Misunderstanding

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At the same time the pitiful princess was venting her frustration, the hillbilly was laughing gleefully as he scooped hand- fulls of gold and silver coins in his hands.

This was taking place on the dining table of an inn on the side of the road.

Shaar and his entourage were with the caravan on the road, and Shaar was enjoying this kind of a lifestyle- drinking wine and chatting during rest stops, and finding all kinds of entertainment.

In regards to Shaar’s peculiar taste in women, Shaar would definitely not expose himself now that he had his doubts, so he diverted attention towards a gambling proposal, which was warmly supposed by all.

For the businessmen and merchants that traveled quite often, gambling was a welcome source of entertainment.

And now at the table, the few Landis people saw their last bronze coin taken away from them, and could not help but be unhappy.

Regardless of the game being played, whether it be dice or roulette, this Byzantine was exceptionally skilled!

And the most frustrating part about it was it was obvious that he wasn’t rigging the game, because the dice used were the ones that the Landis had carved themselves, and the roulette, too, was brought by them…

Shaar was extremely elated at all the money he had won. After three days, he made the Landis empty out most of the money in their pockets.

The reason for Shaar’s happiness not only stemmed from his earnings … even more importantly, he was testing out a magic.

The she-dragon that was hidden inside Shaar’s neckpiece had finally started teaching him dragon magic- the dragon soul imprint that was imparted to him was extremely weak and only allowed him to use the most simple of all dragon magics…. But magic was magic after all!

The magic that Dora first taught to him was called the Transparency Technique.

This spell was not very useful in actual battle and didn’t have a great effect, but for a hillbilly, especially for one that is still a virgin, he was very satisfied! At the very least, he could use this technique to peek at girls….

With the weak dragon soul imprint that was allowed to him, after accumulating sufficient amount of concentration, he was able to sustain the spell for up to 5 heartbeats and see through a piece of wood with the approximate thickness of a finger. However, the denser the material, the more difficult it would be for him to see through. If he tried seeing through a wall, or something made of metal, it would be impossible but for materials like wood and cloth, it was sufficient. Though he can only use it for 5 short heartbeats, this was enough to become unparalleled at the gambling table.

However, to peek at women poses some difficulties right now. To see through something with this technique, you must pay very close attention. Not only that, the subject of the technique must stay still in one place throughout the duration.

He can’t possibly find a girl and ask her to sit there without moving to let him stare at right?

Of course, he could always spend some money to hire a few prostitutes to sit in front of him…. But then in that case, what use is peeping?!

In the span of another few days, Shaar won the last few coppers the Landis owned, and even the fatty also lost a few gold coins to him.

In the past few days, Gu Luo and Shaar had become close, at least at a superficial glance. Gu Luo was careful when he tested Shaar’s background and details, and he had grasped a good idea of it. In reality, Shaar did not have much of a background to hide- his story was simple and straightfoward as he was born to a poor background, and in war made many great achievements and was promoted. This information was made public already by the military.

However, the more straightforward he seemed, the more that Guo Luo thought that this guy was not so simple!

One of the most important reasons …. it seems silly to even mention out loud….

When night fell and everyone retired, Gu Luo walked into a room, there was a handsome youth in there already waiting.

“Did you make any headway today?” The youth sighed.

“Sir.” Gu Luo hesitated for a moment, his face stern and serious. “I believe suspect that he might be born of a prominent Byzantine military family! He might have deliberately hidden his identity and used this war as a jumpstart for his military career…. I believe that he has a powerful force behind his back.”

“Oh, why?”

“One of his squires!” Gu Luo said, assuredly. “I closely looked at one of his squires, and that skinny guy doesn’t seem like a warrior at all. It’s incomprehensible as to how this guy can become a cavalryman at all. Earlier today, I secretly hid a magic detection crystal in my clothes… I actually got a magical response from the crystal!!”

Gu Luo lowered his voice and said, “The magnitude of the response from the magic crystal was very weak, and probably only the response of a level one! However, this is enough to prove that that squire, is a magician!!”

“Oh?” The youth’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, a magician! I’m guessing that this magician would have some magical artifact to forcefully suppress his magic and keep it hidden, so we would not take notice of it! He must be a very powerful magician! Humph, for this Shaar guy to be able to trade blows with Hastings, his strength must not be very simple. Such a powerhouse, how the people that follow him be any weaker? So… that magician must definitely be hiding his strength!

Furthermore, to take a magician as his squire, this Shaar’s background is definitely not simple! It’s just that we can’t determine which side he’s on, whether or not he’s a pawn cultivated by the Byzantium royal court, or…

(At this time, Tatara who was feeding the horses in the stable sneezed, and rubbed his nose while complaining, “To make me feed the horses, this Lord Tatara is a noble magician ….”)

The youth stood up, in deep thought. “If there is a powerful force behind Shaar, then this time around, this promotion of his is definitely not as simple as it seems! His return to the capital this time will definitely be closely followed, and will become an important person in the Byzantine Empire…”

The youth waved his hand. “Buy him out! Think of ways to buy him! No matter what he wants! Money? Women? Buy him! At the necessary moment, send him help! Give him some incentives! What does he want? Probe him a bit, and try to meet his wishes! Do not give him any demands first and do your best to meet his greed. Any important person that wants to make an investment in him must do it before he has gained any measure of fame or accomplishment. So… Buy him!”

After he received his command, on the following day, Gu Luo began to try to curry favor with Shaar.

“My lord Shaar, with a feat like yours this time, when you return to the capital you must be receiving a lot of attention right?” Gu Luo purposefully began to butter him up. “Life must be so nice, with such a glorious achievement, wealth and power will begin to roll in.”

Shaar, in contrast, sighed, face full of indifference. “Wealth and power, huh? Humph, so what?”

He rubbed his nose. Sitting on his horse, the chilly wind made his nose runny. “For money, it’s sufficient as long as you have enough to use. In regards to what to eat, it’s enough if you can fill your stomach. As for sleeping, no matter how large your house is, you only need a single bed to sleep. Although delicacies are good, eating too much of them will become tiring….”

Hmm, he doesn’t love money, then he must love women right?

Gu Luo set his heart on this point, so he opened his mouth and said, “From your lordship’s youth and promising look, there must be no shortage of beauties by your side right?”

Upon arriving at this point, he suddenly poked at this hillbilly’s weakness!! This hillbilly’s face suddenly changed colors….

Women huh….he recalled that scene at the inn in (lol) Wildfire town, where that little child ran into Aunt Sofia’s embrace and called her “Mother.”

Ahh… a tragedy….

Upon seeing the expression on Shaar’s face, Gu Luo immediately became excited, as he had finally found a point of breakthrough! This guy seems to have a weakness towards women!!

And so, Gu Luo delicately phrased his words to dig deeper, to see what this guy’s preference in women was.

I’m not afraid of what interests you have, I’m just afraid that you don’t have any at all!

No matter what kind of women you want, beautiful, glamorous, tsundere, or a loli … you only need to open your mouth and ask, with our capabilities, nothing is a problem!

As a result, although he tried digging for an extremely long time, the beauty standards that his old man filled him with were forcefully suppressed and hidden and he even had a faint feeling that his old man tricked him….

(Old man… still, once again, laughing from the underworld…)

However, Gu Luo was not without a harvest of his own, after digging for half a day, he finally heard a clue from Shaar’s mouth.

“The women that I like … probably … Hmm, is probably like Aunt Sofia right… Mm, should be something like that. Shaar’s voice was not as assured as before.

However, upon receiving this piece of information, Gu Luo was as if he received a piece of treasure, and that night returned to that youth to discuss with him.

That night, that youth sent out a decisive order.

“Search!! Mobilize all of our information networks! Find it out for me! Find out all of the information surrounding this Sofia woman!! I want to know everything about her!!”

Very quickly, all of the information networks and agencies of the Landis in the northern part of the Byzantine Empire received an emergency order!

After mobilizing such a force, they quickly aimed to find out all the materials regarding a woman called Sofia in Wildfire Town!

In a short period of time, chaos ensued.

Countless spy and intelligence personnel that the Landis empire had diligently cultivated for many years all surged in swarms to that little town on the Wildfire Plains.

Many years later, when Gu Luo had become the head of the Landis Empire’s Ministry of Intelligence, whenever he recalled this happening he would feel grief and indignance, and he considered this incident to be the biggest stain on his reputation in his life- that he once sent a third of all the intelligence personnel in northern Byzantium to investigate a little town’s auntie…. This incidence had also become the biggest ridicule in his entire career.

“Fuck! That year I was tricked by that asshole! What kind of bullshit background! He’s a hillbilly from his head down to his feet! A dumb virgin that has never seen a beautiful woman!!!”

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Conquest Chapter 109 (Part 3)- Highway Robbery

Apparently, there was a section of chapter 109 that was left untranslated. My OCD kicked in and so I decided to translate that today. Thanks to Belkar for bringing this to my attention! You can read chapter 109 part 1 here and part 2 here!

Without further ado, here it is!

The steward was distressed. “This… please stay your anger Mr. General. In our city, the most beautiful girl in our city would be her. Frankly speaking, if you’ll forgive my disrespect, even the most beautiful out of all the Baron’s wives would still not compare to her.”

When Shaar heard this, he stared at the steward, all of his anger dissipating. He let out a long sigh, and patted the steward’s shoulder, his tone full of pity. “It seems like… your Baron has it rough too…”

As it was only a passing occasion, Shaar didn’t put it to heart.

However, when he left the town and arrived at the next town, the local head of the garrison welcomed him warmly and sent a beauty to warm his bed at night… This time Shaar did not mistake her as a ghost, but still, that girl was still angrily kicked out by him.

At the next city, the news of what happened at the previous two stops had already traveled ahead of them, that the nobleman’s tastes were extremely high, and had an even more stringent standard in regards to her appearance. The third city’s officials spent a great deal of effort before finding an extremely beautiful woman in the red light district whom they immediately brought over. It was said that the woman was from a declining aristocratic family, indeed her fairness could be considered to be first class. The officials had originally wanted to keep her for themselves, but upon hearing about this noble’s tastes, they changed their mind and decided to offer her up to him.

The result of what happened afterward…

When he saw her at the banquet, this respectable general was furious and flipped the table. (TN: Literally LOL(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ )

After this incident, people finally began to harbor doubts.

If this general’s tastes were to be considered high… then it was so high that they can’t even see the top! This kind of beauty, even if she was sent up to the emperor, she might even be considered a priceless treasure! If a beauty like this was considered ugly….

Could… could it be….

… could it possibly be that this honorable general, that place of his… has a problem?! Could it be a malfunction? (TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Mhm, it must be like this, that’s why every time a woman was sent to him he became angry!

Even though no one dared to voice it out, this thought was on everyone’s minds. However, even though no one said it out loud to his face, rumors about this general’s “little friend” would still circulate and leave traces. Soon, Shaar noticed that every time he stepped onto the street, people around him would always give him strange glances.

The most outrageous theory arose two days later when the head of the local garrison took it to another level…. Since this gentleman doesn’t like beautiful women, it can’t be that… he’s into men?

At night, a handsome young boy was sent to Shaar’s room, however… after not even a minute, Shaar rushed out of the room screaming. Not even bothering to use the stairs, he flipped over the balcony from the second floor and jumped down.

“Fuck! This father was in a daze and almost thought Bonfrett that rabbit had come from his grave to find this father for revenge!!”

(Fine! It seems like this honorable general must definitely be impotent! All of the onlookers were dead set on this point.)

Shaar wasn’t stupid, after experiencing this so many times, he too, in his heart, grew suspicious… why would these women that so many others regarded as beautiful to him seem…

If I assume that they were trying to play me, every time I go to a new place, would it be that everyone’s on the joke?

En, it couldn’t be that everyone has a problem with their sense of aesthetics, then… the problem could only be on himself!

With these doubts, Shaar waved at the servants change him.

After the suit of armor was removed, he shooed away the servants, and he and Tatara switched to a casual set of clothing and continued on their way.

Without the huge crowds and attention that followed them, there naturally would be less embarrassment for him to go through. In any case, this uncle Shaar has a lot of money in his pockets, so he didn’t need to worry about living costs anyways.

However, Tatara was not as fortunate, as the chores and miscellaneous duties fell onto him.

Finally, after twenty days, they arrived at a city called Catalar.

Catalar was a mere ten days by road away from the Empire capital but was considered a special military region with Catalar City as it’s focal point.

Upon arrival, Shaar finally didn’t attract the attention of the city’s military government, but instead encountered something unexpected- Catalar’s city founding festival was about to approach, and many merchants gathered in the city, causing almost all of the inns to be filled to the brim.

Shaar and the others wandered around the city for over two hours without being to find a place to stay, finally arrived at a hotel on the east side of town. They were greeted with the sight of a few people wearing weird clothing sitting around a table, with two of them who were negotiating with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man, who was clearly the owner of the hotel, had a distressed expression while trying to explain something, while the other side was constantly shaking their head.

Shaar peered at them. These people were clearly not wearing the Byzantine style of clothing. They were each wearing a two piece set of clothing, with their calves and ends of their long pants tied with thin rope. Their hairstyle was different than the long locks of the Byzantine men, as they had their hair cut very short, and some of them wore a head scarf, like that one-eyed man from Wildfire Town.

The most striking thing was, of those that sat at the table, a majority of them had a bow on their backs. The bows were of high quality, with cow leather wrapped around the tips of the bow. These bows were evidently not those used by any typical hunter.

Although these people all sat there, their well-disciplined postures gave them away to be people that had military training.

Upon hearing their accent, that stiff manner of speech when speaking in Byzantine (TN: People that lived in the [actual] Byzantine Empire spoke predominantly Greek and Latin), Shaar’s mind began to turn.

Odin’s people? Hmm, it doesn’t seem like it from their height.

From seeing their headscarf and the bows on their back, Shaar made his deduction.

It must be the Atlanteans, that seafaring country the one-eyed man from Wildfire Town was from.

When Shaar and the others approached, the militant mannerism in the way that Shaar walked showed that he had combat experience, which caused those sitting at the table to subconsciously sat straighter. A few of them raised their gazes and stared at Shaar deeply.

“Really, I can only clean out the courtyard in the back… Gentlemen, it’s not that I don’t enjoy money, but I am truly booked. Even if you give me more money, I can’t magically come up with more land and houses.” The owner was in distress.

Shaar walked over, and patted the owner’s shoulder and said amicably, “Ah, you say that you have a courtyard? Well if these people don’t want it, just give it to me then!”

TN: I’m going to change Atlantis to Landis in future translations, as it’s “兰蒂斯” and not “亚特兰蒂斯” which stands for Atlantis. Not too big of a difference, but it’s still there.

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